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First Communion Gifts to Be Treasured

First CommunionLife brings many special moments to celebrate, from the birth of a new baby to a high school graduation. One event that is much anticipated in many believing families is a child’s First Communion. The day is an important one and requires preparation on the part of the family. Pictures record much, but gifts play a role, too. Guests attending a First Communion celebration will want to choose First Communion gifts that can be treasured for years to come.

Girls typically wear white dresses for their First Communion. Many girls also wear gloves and a veil. Boys and young men usually wear a sport coat and tie, again in white or sometimes blue. It is a formal occasion and the children’s attire reflects what an important step they are taking.

Family parties or receptions often follow the First Communion ceremony. Here, the family and friends can freely congratulate the child, share spiritual wisdom and show their happiness by bestowing a gift. First Communion gifts can take any form, but the ones that seem to mean the most are those connected to faith in Christ. Some of these gifts will become treasured keepsakes for years to come.

For girls jewelry is always popular. Cross necklaces, rosaries, and charm bracelets with faith-related charms make excellent First Communion gifts. A jewelry box with a special engraving such as a cross or bible verse also makes a fitting gift. Gift baskets may include a variety of special keepsakes. New bibles, for example can be given along with Christian jewelry, Christian music and a special memento like a music box or musical snow-globe.

Boys may be a little tougher to buy for, but First Communion can be a great time for a boy to receive his first copy of The Chronicles of Narnia or his first engraved Bible. Ties make good gifts, as do tie tacs with holy symbols. Money gifts are traditional, but an engraved frame for a picture of a young man on the day of his First Communion is also a great way to remember this important event.

At The Printery House you will find an entire selection of First Communion greeting cards, specialized First Communion gifts and an assortment of faith-based items all of which would make an ideal remembrance on this very special occasion.

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Unique Baby Christening Gift Ideas to Treasure

Christening GiftsChristians walk through life together to strengthen and encourage one another even as they reach out to others with the saving message of the gospel. The church family supports one another in birth, in marriage, in daily living and in death.

Baptism is the rite by which Christians publicly confess their love for and faith in Christ and in which the church promises to come alongside to help that love and faith to mature. One of the happiest occasions in the life of the church is the welcoming of a new baby into the church family. A Christening is a celebration of a baby’s baptism.

The tradition of Christening

While baptism is the official title for the ceremony of public identification with Christ, believers who practice infant baptism sometimes refer to the event as christening. The name Christian, first given to believers in the ancient city of Antioch, means follower of Christ or even Little Christ.  Similarly, when a baby is baptized, he/she is being identified with Christ. A christening ceremony differs from simple baptism in that the baby is given a new name, often the name of a Christian saint. The baby often wears a long, white gown reminiscent of a bride’s wedding dress.

During the christening ceremony, parents and godparents make a public confession of dependence on Christ and vow to choose lives of personal holiness. The service includes a series of questions and answers which highlight the core tenets of the Christian faith. Once the faith has been proclaimed has been made clear the child is baptized. This is followed by a promise on the part of the parents and godparents to nourish a similar faith in the child. 

Baby Christening gift ideas

Baby christenings are joyful occasions in the church. It is completely proper to celebrate this day with a shared meal and even the giving of gifts. On this day, any sort of faith-related item makes an appropriate gift, but there are traditional baby christening gifts. Tried and true christening gifts include personalized items such as engraved cups and spoons or bibles. Perhaps less traditional but certainly welcome would be a picture frame to hold a photo taken on that day.  Personalized pillows and blankets and money gifts are also time-honored gifts.

Look to The Printery House when looking for baby Christening gift ideas

If you are privileged to share in a baby’s christening service and are looking for a gift to take along, look no farther than The Printery House. At The Printery House you can find greeting cards, Christian sculptures, wall crosses – any number of baby christening gift ideas that will not only convey your support but become items to treasure throughout the child’s growing up years.

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Celebrating Baby’s Baptism: Religious Greeting Cards and More

Baby BaptismBaptisms are regular occasions for rejoicing in faith and standing arm in arm with fellow believers. When it is an infant baptism there are lots of ways to express love, support and ongoing commitment to the child and his/her family.

Planning and celebrating a baptism

Baptism is a holy occasion in which believers make a public commitment on their side and God promises to place a special, though unseen mark on the person from His side. It is a sacred day of welcoming into the community of faith, the family of God. Just as there were likely showers to celebrate the baby’s entrance into this world, the day of a baby’s baptism deserves attention which will mark this day out as separate from all others.

Be sure to plan ahead so that the day set aside for your baby’s baptism can be shared with friends and relatives. Another big part of your celebration will be choosing godparents for your child. If you are choosing godparents, be sure that you pick people who are likely to be involved in your child’s life long-term. Think of Christians who can be in attendance when your child has birthdays, graduations and other important milestones. Godparents can make a significant spiritual impact on your child if they are fixtures in your child’s life.

Special gifts and religious greeting cards for baptism

If you are the one attending rather than planning a baptism, you will want to come with a gift that expresses your appreciation for this day. Money in the form of savings bonds is a popular gift.  But so are engraved items like a baby cup, spoon, porridge bowl or picture frame. If you are unable to attend in person, religious greeting cards with a favorite bible verse or words of godly wisdom allow you to share in the celebration even from far away.

Gifts for girl babies are sometimes a charm bracelet, usually with a religious symbol such as a cross or fish. A wall cross for the baby’s nursery is a gift suitable for boys or girls. A special treasure for celebrating a baptism for a loved one could be making the baby’s christening gown and cap from mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. This kind of garment often remains in the family for generations and becomes a treasured heirloom. The key is to find a gift that will convey to the parents and the child as they grow, that you consider baptism an important and joyful occasion. 

The Printery House for baptism gifts and cards

At The Printery House you can find unique and beautiful invitations and religious greeting cards for baptisms.  The Printery House also offers gift items that bear blessings, prayers and admonitions to faith ideal for celebrating a baby’s day of baptism, as well as milestones like confirmation. Shop today for this joyous and important life occasion! 

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Inspirational Gifts to Share Your Faith

PlaquesIf you’ve ever been caught in the quandary of wanting to give a gift, but not knowing what gift would be appropriate, you are not alone. When the occasion you wish to acknowledge is connects to another person’s faith-walk, it becomes a little easier – but finding something that’s  the right balance between meaningful and sentimental can still prove challenging.

Online Christian stores offer many choices for religious cards, stationery and inspirational gifts to share either a subtle or a bold message of faith and hope. You may find that the selection on many online Christian stores today is bigger than ever, ranging from inspirational wall plaques with Christian themes, to faith-inspired jewelry, candles and unique picture frames. You’ll also find very detailed items to hallmark and celebrate special moments of faith for friends and family.

Most believers can recall the day or moment when they came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hopefully, that time was soon followed by commitment to a local body of Christian believers. In the Catholic church, adults who wish to formally join in union undergo a preparation and entry ceremony referred to as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). This rite includes learning about the church and its teachings along with evidences of repentance and piety on the part of the petitioner.  Once the person is ready to make a fully informed commitment, they are admitted into fellowship through the Rite of Christian Initiation.

For children who have ‘grown up’ in the Catholic church, there is also a point of public profession and commitment. It is confirmation. Confirmation as a step toward spiritual adulthood is an important step in their faith and a day to be celebrated, and there are numerous special confirmation gifts for girls or boys, such as keepsake boxes and jewelry.

Gifts for occasions like RICA and Confirmation might include rosaries or Christian bookmarks. A plaque with a scripture verse or Christian message could be a great way to recognize and remember this kind of special day. Icons, figurines, sun-catchers, or CDs of Christian music all make appropriate gifts. This is precisely the niche which The Printery House fills so well. As a publishing ministry of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, The Printery House offers a complete line of religious cards, stationery and inspirational gifts uniquely designed to meet the gift –giving needs of the body of Christ. At The Printery House shoppers will find books, cards, decorative items and more, all perfectly suited to a variety of Christian occasions.

The Printery House has as one of its main objectives to support the growing faith of believers. You can be sure that a gift chosen from The Printery House website is one that reflects your faith and will inspire greater faith in others. Take a few minutes now to browse through their selection of inspirational gifts and cards. Whatever the occasion, The Printery House has just the right inspirational gift to fit the bill.

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