Monthly Archives: July 2015

Our Favorite Mouse

Meet Benny the Church Mouse who lives in the Basilica at Conception Abbey in Missouri. There he observes the Benedictine monks as they pray, study, teach, and work at their various jobs, one being to create Christian greeting cards. Philosopher, theologian, and writer, Benny is now studying calligraphy with the monks at the Abbey and enjoys dipping his tail in the ink to help write messages of faith. Presently Benny has five Birthday cards and five Care/Concern Cards.

Prayer Buddies

Here’s a great way to help little ones learn their prayers and the comfort of prayer at an early age…Louie the Lamb Prayer Buddy. With just a push of his paw, Louie the Lamb recites the “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” and “Glory Be.” His pal, Liam the Lion Prayer Buddy, recites the “Angel of God” prayer with a push of his paw. Both are the perfect bedtime prayer buddies and are extra soft for snuggling…thoughtful gifts for your children or grandchildren.