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Four Meaningful Ways to Write a Note to Dad (Inside Your Christian Card for Father’s Day)

A Special Blessing on Father's Day

A Special Blessing on Father’s Day

Think about it for a moment: When’s the last time you sat down and wrote a nice card or letter to your dad, or someone who’s been like a dad? If it’s been a while, go for it this year. It may seem like a challenge, but you’ll never regret it.

If you’re wondering how to get started on ways to “speak your love” to dad, take heart. Many Christian cards for Father’s Day can help you find the right words to express gratitude, joy, fond memories or just to let dad know he’s special. They can also inspire you to include a handwritten message that speaks to the heart and makes the card that much more meaningful.

Here are Some Idea-generators for Writing Dad That Note This Father’s Day:

What’s one special memory you have with him? It doesn’t have to be a holiday, or anything considered a “big” moment. It can be a simple gesture or experience you had with him that he may not even realize made such an impression on your life. Share it in a few sentences.

Did Dad take part in acts of service that impacted you? Mention it to him inside a card. Sometimes it’s the selfless acts like reaching out to an elderly neighbor or involvement in a church project that you remember so well – and he’ll be so thrilled that you noticed his acts of service.

What’s funny about Dad? All dads are funny in their own way. If he says or does something that always gives you a chuckle, let him know. This is a lighthearted way to express your love and appreciation that’s still very meaningful.

What did you learn from dad? Maybe it was how to mow the yard or change a tire. Maybe it was managing money, a favorite recipe or how to respect your elders. Whatever you learned from dad, take a moment to let him know in a few sentences. He’ll treasure the knowledge he’s passed on to you, even if it seems like something commonplace.

As you consider finding the right Christian cards for Father’s Day, think of buying from a made-in-the-USA source that has a great story of its own: The Printery House. For more than 60 years, The Printery House has created and lettered unique religious greeting card designs and stationary, all from the on-site print shop in the hills of northwest Missouri. All sales are part of the apostolic work of the monks at Conception Abbey, so you’ll know you’re making a difference.

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Thinking About Sending That Christian Greeting Card or Note? Go For it, Today

Christian Cards 3

Thanking God for the Blessing You Are

Thinking about writing a letter to someone? Go for it – it’s National Card and Letter Writing Month (mid-April to mid-May). Several articles explore this topic from a variety of angles, from celebrating motherhood to the historical anniversary of “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Why this tribute to letters?

Letters and cards matter. Sitting down to put a pen to paper and utilizing the U.S. Postal Service is something many of us think about, but just don’t find much time to do in our busy lives. Yet, if you ask someone what some of their prized possessions are, many may say these include treasured cards or letters received.

Move it from your mind to paper. Why not take a few minutes to get that card or letter you’ve been thinking about off your mind and into the hands of a loved one or friend? A Christian greeting card can make that task simple and enjoyable, and there are so many styles in today’s collections. Set aside just an hour and you’d be surprised at how many cards you could actually get ready to send. It’s a feeling that brightens your day for the next several days.

Don’t forget about sending a card or note to missionaries, your clergy or even a non-profit organization that you feel is carrying out their mission well. It’s also rewarding to step outside your comfort zone and send a card to someone you’ve heard about who is in need of encouragement, even if you’ve never talked face to face.

There’s another reason cards and letters are so special – they are like sending a little bit of yourself to someone else. Your thoughts, your handwriting and even the choice of Christian greeting card you send all add up to sharing a piece of you with someone else.

Don’t worry about knowing exactly what to say; you can let the card’s verse or image help convey that message for you. Sometimes it’s just enough to say “thinking of you” or “I’m here for you.” In today’s digital world, even this kind of simple message holds weight.

Let your children or grandchildren see you writing a note or invite them to send their own. They can learn a new way to deepen relationships or serve someone by watching you carry out this basic act. They’re not likely to forget it when you let them help with the process.

You can make it a social time, too, by inviting friends over with their own stationary or hosting a group at your local church or community center. Maybe sending a card or letter is a ritual you can carry out as a group on a monthly basis, adopting a new group or cause to reach out to each month.

Regardless of the artwork you choose, or the message you send, now’s the time to act on that letter that’s been forming in your mind. You’ll be so glad you did – and so will the recipient. Find unique and beautiful designs online at The Printery House, where each card is designed and lettered by the monks and artists who work here. Each card you send helps support our work, and that makes the message even more special. View new designs today at

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Send Christian Greeting Cards to Match Your Favorite Christian Songs

Christian Cards 2If you find yourself humming along – or singing out loud – to popular Christian music, you’re not alone. It’s a fast-growing category on radio and on downloadable music, with more stores and businesses playing it as well. For many, there’s just something uplifting and encouraging about so many contemporary Christian songs, in comparison to many types of other music.

This month, think about passing on some of that encouragement to a friend or family member with Christian greeting cards that echo that same uplifting sentiment. Like popular Christian music, today’s religious greeting cards are bright, bold and inspiring – especially when they’ve got a story, like those made by the monks and artists at The Printery House at Conception Abbey.

Here are some examples of the beautiful and unique cards that can align with messages from your favorite sing-along Christian songs:

1. “This is Amazing Grace,” by Phil Wickham. This song is one of the top on the Christian billboard charts for its message, including “This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love, that you would take my place.” If you have a friend who needs reminded of God’s Grace, try a card from the encouragement and prayer section of The Printery House’s online catalog. Some have bold photos and bright watercolor designs that are sure to encourage the recipient to stop and think about how His love surrounds us.

2. Send a card that reflects the popular Big Daddy Weave song “The Only Name (Yours Will Be)” when you want to congratulate someone on a job well done when it comes to a faith milestone. Try a card that is bold in its faith statement, acknowledging that they’ve made a firm decision and you’re proud of them. You might also send a card to honor a priest’s service or even a dedicated Sunday School teacher.

3. Don’t forget to send a card when someone you care about is going through a tough time, and you just need them to know it’s OK to feel sad, worried or unclear. Remind them that God can handle it if they’ll talk to Him in prayer. One song that reflects this feeling is captured in the popular song by The Afters, “Broken Hallelujah.” A card that may help someone know you’re there for them might be the unique bird on a tree card from The Printery House that says “sometimes all we can do is pray..”

As you think about the type of Christian greeting cards that would make a difference as you share your faith, don’t forget to include an occasional gift or trinket to serve as a reminder. Several wall crosses are available from online Christian stores, including new designs with contemporary looks that seem to shout out the message of God’s peace and mercy.

Today, browse The Printery House online for great religious cards and gifts that put you in the mood to hum your favorite song.

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Sending Christian Cards to Say Thanks: Teaching Your Children the Importance of Saying Thank You

Thank You Cards 8

The Holly and the Ivy

Parents have so much they want to pass along to their children. First and foremost, Christian parents want to hand off the baton of faith. But there is a lot for parents to teach in terms of how that faith plays out in daily life. Being the recipients of a salvation that we did not earn, we are above all grateful. And while children may feel thankful in their heart, they will need the guidance of mom and dad to learn how to make expressing thanks a lifelong habit.

After Christmas is a great time to teach children the importance of saying Thank You. Now that all those presents under the tree have been unwrapped and put to the test, it is time to let the gift-givers know how each item is enjoyed. Parents can buy a packet of Christian cards and sit down with their kids to acknowledge them.

The habit of saying Thank You starts in the home. Every person in the home should be saying those words to one another in the course of each day. But even those people who live under the same roof with us would love to receive a formal Thank You card.

Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents are not required to give gifts to children. Gifts are free-will offerings from the heart and, as such, they should be acknowledged. Children who write a thank you note to family members are learning something important about maintaining healthy relationships.

Far away relatives did not have the gift-giver’s pleasure of watching your child open their present. They are waiting to hear more about how your child likes their gift. Help your child see that this person thought enough to send a gift and that they should recognize that gift with a thank you card.

It’s also a good idea to teach your children to write an appreciative note for actions. Maybe someone took your child to a special event or perhaps they have given your child special attention or help – these kindnesses should be noted and thanked. Each time you have your child send a thank you card, you are teaching them to realize the kindness of others.

School age children can write their own thank you cards. They need only mention the gift or action and write a brief line or two about why it was appreciated. Thank you notes don’t have to be long – but they are more meaningful when they are a step beyond email and texting.

If your child is still too young to write their own card, have them draw a picture of the gift or of themselves enjoying the present. Parents can write down the words that young child say inside the card. Let your child enjoy putting the stamp on the envelope.

People of all ages appreciate receiving a written word of thanks. Keep Christian cards on hand and make writing thank you notes a regular part of life. Christian cards are available at many stores, including the online store The Printery House, where cards are made with great care. We are thankful every day for the gift of Jesus. And every day there is something for which to give thanks.

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