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Prayer Buddies

Bedtime Prayer Buddies make great educational toys for children and grandchildren.

Prayerful Louie the Lamb irresistibly touches little hearts everywhere by reciting well-loved prayers with a push of his paw. He recites the “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” and “Glory Be.” A perfect bedtime prayer buddy!


Whimsical Liam the Lion is the perfect bedtime buddy as he soothes the little ones to sleep reciting the “Angel of God” prayer with a push of his paw. G2442

Your buddy Ferdinand the Fox is the friendliest fox in town and recites the “Prayer of St. Francis” with the press of his paw.


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Often we hear of a prayer request at church, Bible study, via social media or email and we pray for that person at that time.  Often, we may forget to pray again when we get busy with our daily routine, but God tells us to pray continuously.

The Printery House offers a choice of two PrayerBowls that are perfect for helping us focus on prayer. Using the PrayerCard starters, write the name of the person or person in need of prayers. Collect all of your prayer intentions in your PrayerBowl. Then daily find time with the Lord to lift up all those in the PrayerBowl.

The Celeste PrayerBowl (G2957) will quickly become treasured in your home or makes a perfect gift.  With its intricate cross, gold-scalloped edge, and five hand-applied Swarovski Crystals, this PrayerBowl is both elegant and graceful.   Romans 12:12 “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfast in prayer” scrolls around the delicate edges our signature bowl.   A bundle of Prayer Cards is included.

The soothing colors found on the Angie PrayerBowl (G2956) make it the perfect addition to home.  The elegantly trimmed gold edge and hand-applied Swarovski Crystals complement the design of this charming bowl.  The verse that halos the edge is Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.”  A bundle of Prayer Cards is included with each bowl.

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Abbey Scented Soaps

God can be found in even ordinary things….like soap. But Abbey Scented Soaps are more than just suds; they are infused with Holy Water by Sister Cathleen Marie, who also says a prayer for the person who will be using the soap. Sister Cathleen Marie, called the “Soap Sister,” is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, the monastic community near Clyde, Missouri—just a couple miles from The Printery House.  The Soap Sister handcrafts Abbey Scented Soaps in 44 exclusive scents for The Printery House.  These soaps are made with natural ingredients that nourish the skin—shea and cocoa butters, olive, coconut, palm, and almond oils.

New Image2New Image

Pictured here is Sister Cathleen Marie with a Wanda, a volunteer; in the next picture Sr. Cathleen is preparing her “Scrub Stuff, “ a wonderful exfoliant.  Born in California, Sister Cathleen entered the Benedictine Sisters in 1967. The Soap Sister feels that she is glorifying God through the work of her hands. And when you use her handcrafted soap, you are remembered in prayer…a heavenly combination of bubbles and blessings.

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The Legend of the Ladybug

This beautiful time of year brings to mind many young girls and boys taking their First Holy Communion.  This is a great time to order your cards. Another way to honor this milestone of faith is to give a special girl a Ladybug Rosary Bracelet.

The lady bug has many legends surrounding it. One is that according to European folklore, sometime during the Middle Ages swarms of insects were devouring the crops.  Fearing that all the food crops would be destroyed, the farmers and their families  prayed to the Virgin Mary for help.

Suddenly, swarms of red and black beetles appeared. These beetles ate all the destructive insects, saving the remaining crops.  From then on, these beetles became known as “Our Lady’s bugs”, or “Ladybugs.” The red wings were said to represent the Virgin’s cloak and the black spots were symbolic of both her joys and her sorrows.

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