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A Spooky Timeline

Over 2000 years ago:

Halloween’s original creators came from the Celtic religion. The Celts were usually found in areas that are currently known as the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland areas. The ancient Celtic festival, Samhain, is believed to be the beginning of what we know as Halloween. Samhain was celebrated because the end of October was considered the end of harvest. The end of harvest was recognized as the end of the year for the Celts, this was their time to celebrate the end of the year. To celebrate, the Celts believed that on the night of October 31st the dead returned to earth annually. The Celts feared evil so while attending Samhain, they lit bonfires and dressed in costume to disguise themselves from evil.

A.D 680:

Christianity spread across the Celtic regions. Pope Boniface IV essentially began All Saints Day with the Pantheon in Rome to honor all Christian martyrs. He originally dedicated the feast on May 13th.  

Mid-8th Century: 

During the mid-eighth century, Pope Gregory III changed the date of the Pantheon to November 1st and also added all saints to the celebration. He then changed the name from Pantheon to All Saints Day. 

1000 A.D.: 

The Catholic Church then added All Souls Day making the two day holiday a trio. All Souls Day takes place on November 2nd every year. All Souls Day was originally celebrated the same way the Samhain festival was. We still observe All Souls Day to honor and celebrate the dead today. 

All Saints Day used to be referred to as All-Hallows or All-Hallowmas. This explains where All-Hallows-Eve came from. We have evolved All-Hallows-Eve to what is called Halloween today.  


When the Irish Potato Famine came about in 1841, Irish immigrants came to America all at once. Because the Celts were mostly in Northern Ireland, Halloween was a very popular holiday in the 1840s for most of the Irish. Once the Irish immigrants came to America, the holiday became popular here as well. 

Late 1800s:

During the late 1800s there was a push to make Halloween less scary and to create a neighborly holliday instead. The media tried to convince parents to not allow their children to dress up as something scary or grim. Because of this, Halloween lost a lot of the religious connotations.


By the 1920s -1950s, Halloween parties became a part of the Halloween festivities that made Halloween a popular holiday among people across America. Parties were popular among both adults and children. The practice of trick-or-treating became extremely possible during this time in history. Trick-or-treating became extremely popular like it had been in the past. Trick-or-treating came about in the 1950s. The tradition has grown since. Halloween movies also became a popular phenomenon in America during this time.


Halloween is rarely associated with the Catholic religion, however, the Catholic religion plays a huge role in the history of the holiday. All Saints Day and All Souls Day is still celebrated by Catholics everywhere. These two days are to remind us to pray for our saints and all souls that have been taken from earth and to remind us that this holiday is important for us to take time to pray for those we have lost and reflect on what they have sacrificed for us. 


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A Word From The “New Guy On The Block”

While I’ve never lived with the thought that I am defined by my career, I have always been blessed to be in a position I am proud to hold. I see work as a means to support my family, but I also see my work as an avenue to serve the Lord. If you’re able to do something you love that’s just icing on the cake.

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my professional career writing for local newspapers in my hometown community. It’s been a wonderful experience getting to share stories of great moments that impact people’s lives. I decided to make a professional shift in order to get hours that are closer matched to my family’s in hopes to spending more time as a husband and father.

Living in rural Missouri I never imagined that I’d be fortunate enough to step out of the newspaper gig and land in a similar position.  Finding myself at the Conception Abbey and The Printery House doing something just as fun – assisting in card development and marketing through graphic design – I have found that God truly does works in mysterious ways.

As a Christian I’ve always enjoyed touting that I am “spreading the good news” through my job as a reporter. While not every story was Christian-based, they were always positive in spirit and brought joy to the reader.  This stands in contrast to the news we have become accustomed to from things like TV and social media. I told my editors that I refused to be an “ambulance chaser” that reported on things like wrecks. While reporting in this way may increase readership, I never wanted to portray the worst experiences in someone’s life. I did unfortunately have to cover some big events in the community that had a negative impact, but with the caveat of how someone is making the best of the situation or used my platform to assist that individual through their hardship.

As I begin this new chapter in my career working at The Printery House, I can continue to boast that I help spread the good news, but this time it can be the Good News of our salvation through Christ. There is a joy and peace knowing that I am part of something that can have such a great impact in someone’s life.  My hope is that you will also feel that joy when you purchase something from us.

I look forward to working with you, our friends, and hope to hear from you all as I continue to work on stationery customization through graphic design here at The Printery House.Share This:

Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Conception Abbey Basilica

Conception Abbey’s Basilica of the Immaculate Conception celebrates its 125th anniversary this week. Here’s a bit of history on this wonderful and inspiring place. The Printery House is part of Conception Abbey’s mission to proclaim the Gospel and share the Christian faith through the creation and distribution of printed products and contemporary religious art. In making a purchase from The Printery House, you share in the apostolic labors of the monks of Conception Abbey. This:

Hymns of the Bible

Music was an essential part of the worship of ancient Israel and of the early Christian liturgy because of its powerful effect upon our human experience and its ability to raise mind and heart to God.  Throughout both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, one can find passages that were once parts of ancient hymns and songs.  The 2016 Printery House wall calendar Hymns of the Bible features each month some of the most beautiful of these ancient songs for your reflection and prayer.  May these hymns taken from the inspired Word of God be your companion throughout the year and assist you in making a joyful noise to the Lord!  This year’s calendar is printed on very high quality matte finish paper that is easy to write on and erase! Available as a wall calendar, desk calendar, and/or pocket calendar.PH2016SShare This: