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An Irish Blessing

Remember your Irish friends and honor Irish heritage with these beautiful Celtic notes or a card with a blessing by St. Patrick.

An Irish  Blessing

May the strength of God pilot us
May the wisdom of God instruct us
May the hand of God protect us
May the word of God direct us
Be always ours this day and for evermore
St. Patrick

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Four Meaningful Ways to Write a Note to Dad (Inside Your Christian Card for Father’s Day)

A Special Blessing on Father's Day

A Special Blessing on Father’s Day

Think about it for a moment: When’s the last time you sat down and wrote a nice card or letter to your dad, or someone who’s been like a dad? If it’s been a while, go for it this year. It may seem like a challenge, but you’ll never regret it.

If you’re wondering how to get started on ways to “speak your love” to dad, take heart. Many Christian cards for Father’s Day can help you find the right words to express gratitude, joy, fond memories or just to let dad know he’s special. They can also inspire you to include a handwritten message that speaks to the heart and makes the card that much more meaningful.

Here are Some Idea-generators for Writing Dad That Note This Father’s Day:

What’s one special memory you have with him? It doesn’t have to be a holiday, or anything considered a “big” moment. It can be a simple gesture or experience you had with him that he may not even realize made such an impression on your life. Share it in a few sentences.

Did Dad take part in acts of service that impacted you? Mention it to him inside a card. Sometimes it’s the selfless acts like reaching out to an elderly neighbor or involvement in a church project that you remember so well – and he’ll be so thrilled that you noticed his acts of service.

What’s funny about Dad? All dads are funny in their own way. If he says or does something that always gives you a chuckle, let him know. This is a lighthearted way to express your love and appreciation that’s still very meaningful.

What did you learn from dad? Maybe it was how to mow the yard or change a tire. Maybe it was managing money, a favorite recipe or how to respect your elders. Whatever you learned from dad, take a moment to let him know in a few sentences. He’ll treasure the knowledge he’s passed on to you, even if it seems like something commonplace.

As you consider finding the right Christian cards for Father’s Day, think of buying from a made-in-the-USA source that has a great story of its own: The Printery House. For more than 60 years, The Printery House has created and lettered unique religious greeting card designs and stationary, all from the on-site print shop in the hills of northwest Missouri. All sales are part of the apostolic work of the monks at Conception Abbey, so you’ll know you’re making a difference.

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Got Five Minutes? Send a Card to Caleb During the First Printery House Card Party

Caleb 1Not sure what you’ll need to get done today? Take five minutes to send a note of encouragement to Caleb Adwell, who is fighting a brave battle against a rare form of cancer. As part of the first “Cards for Caleb Card Party,” your note can help flood his mailbox with hope. It might be the most impactful five minutes you’ll spend today.

The 15-year old of Ravenwood, Mo., a small community near Maryville, Mo., has a pair of malignant non-germinomatous germ cell tumors. This rare type of germ cell tumor can also secrete chemicals into the spinal fluid, resulting in the need for more aggressive cancer treatments. The tumor in the brain has impacted Caleb’s vision and led to severe headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. Caleb is receiving treatment at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and is likely to be there for an extended period.

“The most challenging part of working through treatments has been all the unexpected setbacks we have had,” says Jennifer Adwell. “Caleb has seizures, weight loss, energy loss, weakness in swallowing and also in his shoulders, double/blurry vision, and difficulty speaking.”

During November and December, The Printery House, an apostolic work of the monks and employees of nearby Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in northwest Missouri, is hosting “Cards For Caleb: A Card Party with The Printery House.” The goal is to encourage fans and friends of The Printery House to flood Caleb’s mailbox with cards of hope. From now through mid-December, send a card or two to Caleb Adwell, and ask your friends and family to do the same. There’s something about receiving a card with a handwritten message that makes a difference, and you’re invited to participate.

Meet Caleb:
Caleb is a lot like many other teens, enjoying time on his computer, or outside playing with his dog (a blue heeler), Chance. At school, Caleb enjoys hanging out with his classmates. Math is his favorite subject, and his parents, Shane and Jennifer Adwell, say he is naturally gifted with a mathematical mind. Caleb isn’t sure yet what he wants to be when he grows up, but his parents think he will probably choose something in the computers field.

Where would Caleb go if he took a vacation?
He’d go to Hawaii, says his mom. Locally, she says he enjoys Mozingo Lake. In nearby Maryville, he enjoys the movie theater, bowling alley, and lots of places to eat out.

Who inspires Caleb?
Caleb was baptized on July 23, 2013, out in the mountains of Colorado on a church youth group trip called N.Y.R. (National Youth Roundup). He has been raised in the church, and influenced by his parents, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Group Sponsors, and the family’s ministers at church.

“All of these people have inspired him in one way or another,” says Jennifer Adwell, Caleb’s mom.
What can you do?
Send a note of cheer, hope or encouragement to Caleb Adwell today – together we can fill his mailbox with loving thoughts and prayers. Send one on your own, or choose from a card made by the monks and artists at the nearby Printery House, a business operated by the monks of Conception Abbey.

(Note: Any card is encouraged; if you choose a card from The Printery House, enter the code  FORCALEB to receive a special 20 percent discount. Send cards to: Caleb Adwell, 121 E Bishop, Ravenwood, Mo., 64479.

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Remember the Day They Were Born with Religious Birthday Cards and Special Traditions

Birthday Cards 2

Bless You on Your Birthday

One of the best days of the year for parents and kids is a child’s birthday. This is the day that mom and dad get to go all out letting their rejoicing show. It is also one of those celebrations tailor-made for memories. And one of the best ways to create memories is to create traditions.  Kids tend to remember things that are repeated year after year.

Birthday traditions don’t have to cost a lot to mean a lot. There are all kinds of great ways to create a family identity that has to do with birthday celebrations. Here are just a few.

  1. If you are a Christian family, start by choosing religious birthday cards. This is one subtle way to reinforce the identity your family shares as believers. Save all those religious birthday cards in a special box for your child to peruse each year.
  2. Balloons figure largely into most birthday celebrations so put them to work. Why not write adjectives that describe the birthday boy/girl on every balloon?
  3. If you are hosting a birthday party, put out a snapshot of the birthday child set in an extra-wide matting. Ask guests to write a brief note in the matting. Save them year by year and they become a miniature scrapbook of birthdays.
  4. If the birthday celebration is more of a family affair, you can make it a tradition to go around the table and pay the birthday person a compliment. Every person at the table completes the sentence: “What I like about _______ is the way he/she…….”
  5. Have a special book or movie that is enjoyed together as a family only on birthdays. Of course the person wearing the crown gets the best seat and first dibs on the snacks during book reading or movie viewing. The best book for birthdays of course, is the child’s baby book!
  6. You can start the special day in many different great ways. It could just be breakfast in bed.  It could be a lighted candle in a doughnut or a stack of pancakes. Buttermilk biscuits can be iced with colored icing and dusted with colored sprinkles. Orange juice milkshakes (think creamy Orange Julius here) are another way to make the morning special.
  7. Some families allow the birthday person to pick the menu all day or at least for dinner.  Maybe you allow your child to choose his/her birthday cake.
  8. Make a super big deal out of those once in a lifetime birthdays – when the person turns 10 on the 10th or 7 on the 7th. For this birthday they may get additional privileges that come only once in a lifetime – spend the night in a hotel for example. Or take a group of friends to a theme park.
  9. Another way to make birthdays unique is to hide all, or at least one, of the gifts. It can be fun to tell the person if they are getting warmer or colder as they hunt around the house for the missing present. As kids get older, this could become more of a scavenger hunt with written clues to be deciphered.
  10. One final idea is to choose a bible verse for the child to be remembered all year long.  Write the verse inside the birthday card and then refer to it all through the year.

Making birthday traditions doesn’t have to be hard; it can be lots of fun. And they make it easier for children to form lasting memories of these precious family times. Finding religious birthday cards doesn’t have to be hard either. Check out the many options available through The Printery House.

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