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Choosing the Right Catholic Gifts for Newlyweds

Finding the perfect gift for newlyweds that are special to you can be difficult. You want it to be sentimental but sometimes it needs to be practical too. You also want it to be personal, something that will make them realize how much they mean to you. Choosing Catholic gifts adds a whole other layer of thought because you want the gift to provide religious inspiration or recollection while still making them feel important and special to you personally. When it comes to searching for the right gift for newly married couples in your life, sometimes the simplest gifts are the most memorable.

Newlyweds are about to embark on a beautiful, rough, spiritual journey together and they will need all the love and guidance they can get. For this reason, gifting them a couple’s Bible is a good start. Find a book that accompanies the Bible, a book that will allow them to study the Word together. This gift is both meaningful and heartfelt, as it helps the couple learn to start their lives as one in a spiritual sense as well as a worldly sense.

When it comes to home decorating, newlyweds often don’t receive a lot of Catholic gifts that they could display in their home. A personal gift from you could be just what they need, be it a beautiful religious figurine of some kind, a decorative cross for the wall, or a special framed painting with Christian art or a verse. Little knick knacks like this will make their house a home and remind them how loved they are by the people like you in their lives.

Sometimes, practical gifts are a smart go-to as well. If you want to be sure you’re still giving Catholic gifts to the religious couple you know and love, there are a lot of products that weave religious images and verses in. You could buy them a set of mugs with Bible verses printed on them, or a set of cuff bracelets with important words like faith, love, or hope engraved on them. Giving them something they can use or wear often means that you will be on their minds a lot and that they will always remember how loved they are, even when they’re doing little tasks like sipping from a coffee mug in the morning.

Lastly, you could pull out all the stops and give them Catholic gifts that are sentimental and deep-rooted. Give them a music box filled with special trinkets, a tapestry they could hang on their wall, or a framed copy of an important piece of scripture, like the Apostles’ Creed. Gifts like this will become staples of their walk with the Lord together and be a constant reminder that you are praying for and supporting them every step of the way.

At The Printery House, we want every gift you give to be a meaningful one. That’s why we carry products that mean something, products with a backstory you can hang your hat on, the story of your faith. Newlyweds are important to us because they are the couples that stand up together for a common cause and aim to make the world a better place as one unit, and we have just the gift for this special couple in your life.

The Catholic Gift Store Has What You Need This Wedding Season

Wall Art 3Springtime is prom season, graduation season and a good time for home sales. It’s also the start of wedding season. From May until August countless couples will be walking down the church aisle and exchanging rings before a crowd of witnesses. It’s one of the most beautiful ceremonies observed in our culture and in the church.

It is important to show those you love that you rejoice with them as they have decided to commit themselves to one another in the sight of God. As a fellow believer you want to do all you can to help the young couple successfully navigate the matrimonial waters. You can help set them off on the right foot with a gift from the Catholic gift store. Gifts with a religious flavor will remind the bride and groom that God alone is a sufficient anchor when the storm clouds form.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started:

A Catholic Wedding Bible
Nothing is more important than the word of God for living the Christian life and creating a Christian home. A Catholic wedding bible is a keepsake bible meant to be read and treasured throughout a lifetime together. The bible lists appropriate wedding passages and provides a place for couples to record those they chose for their own ceremony.

Christian Wall Art
Although many couples are marrying later and may have housewares already, plenty don’t. Even those who already own the nuts and bolts of housekeeping will appreciate artwork that marks out the couple’s new home together as under the Lord’s protection. Why not give a framed rendering of 1 Corinthians 13 Love is patient, love is kind, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails?

Framed family blessings are appropriate as are wall hangings that remind the couple to pray daily for their bread and other needs. A Christian print with a home blessing will remind the couple that as husband and wife – they constitute a godly home.

Books A Good Choice
Christian couples may unpack the toaster and the coffeemaker first, but edifying books are an important part of the Christian life. As things settle down, they will appreciate the gift of a good book.

Catholic couples might appreciate a Family Book of Life in which they can record each sacramental celebration. The book will become a family’s spiritual history as the pages are filled in year by year.

All couples would benefit from some good books on marriage. What Did You Expect? is an example of a practical book on marriage that addresses the challenges which come when two people with flaws live together at the same broken address – planet earth.

Christian Music
Create a playlist of Christian music that celebrates the young couple and the God who brought them together. This special collection of music will bring them back to the day of their wedding in a mere moment.

The Catholic gift store is not just a resource for baptisms and first communions. It’s a place to find gifts for every important event in life, including weddings. Check out our online Catholic gift store at The Printery House and be ready when the wedding season begins.

Getting Your Family Organized in 2014 All Starts With the Right Calendar From an Online Christian Gift Shop


Calendars 1

2014 Desk Calendar Wall Calendar Combo Pack

If there is someone on your Christmas list and you can’t decide what to give them – a 2014 calendar makes a great gift. In fact, when you pick up a calendar for someone else, grab a couple for your own home as well. Calendars are the perfect tool for bringing chaotic schedules back under control.

Think about it. Bobby has a music recital. Susie has a sports banquet. Tim has a church event while mom and dad promised to deliver packages to needy families – with all that is going on it is easy for a home to feel like Grand Central Station. Just one person’s schedule can feel stressful at this time of year, scheduling for multiple people sometimes feels like overwhelming!

You can find lovely calendars at a Christian gift shop and The Printery House has some beautiful choices. They come in all sizes and with artwork to appeal to every kind of taste. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of the calendar to get your family organized in 2014.

1. Ask your children for papers from school, church, clubs and sports teams any time they come home from those events. You still won’t get every piece of communication, but you will get more than if you didn’t ask. Put that information (about parent meetings, games, and other events) onto a wall calendar where everyone in the family can see. Do this as soon as possible. Calendars on the refrigerator or next to the door where you leave are typically high-visibility locations.

2. Get everyone into the habit of checking the calendar at the start of the day.

3. Keep a smaller calendar on your desk or in your purse so that you can update on the go. Be sure to sync the two calendars each day.

4. Always write in pencil. Things happen and events get moved. Sometimes, the dental appointment must be cancelled. If you have several children, use a different color pencil for each kid. That way it is easy for them to see if they have anything going on each day.

5. If you write down the address, contact phone number and any special instructions on the calendar, the pile of excess papers that grows on the kitchen counter can be leveled.

6. If you waited too long to buy an Advent calendar this year – don’t make the same mistake next year. Buy your next year’s Advent calendar now. Advent calendars make a terrific gift for other families too.

If your home is in a bit of chaos at the moment, don’t assume that January’s arrival will resolve the issue. Picking out some family organization is just a click away. The Printery House is an online Christian gift shop and they have wall calendars and desk calendars all ready for the New Year. Desk calendars are trim and durable and lie flat on your workspace. One side is graced with artwork and a weekly calendar is on the other. Matching 2014 wall calendars have room for all your notes. And their selection of Advent calendars is hard to beat. Check them out today and be ready when the New Year rolls around.