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First Communion Traditions to Commemorate the Day


First Communion Gift 2

Girl With Jesus – Musical First Communion Statue

When your child is ready to take his or her First Communion it is cause for celebration. You know what an important step this is for your child and their walk of personal faith. One way to help them grasp the importance of the occasion is to incorporate a truly festive atmosphere all around this spiritual event.

Since the Bible is full of God’s ideas on how to celebrate spiritual realities, we know that creating events to mark spiritual milestones is a good and even holy idea. God is a God of endless creativity and imagination. Some of us have a harder time with creativity. Here are some great ideas for celebrating a child’s First Communion.

1. Host a party
Nothing says celebration quite like an actual party. This can be a family affair. It can include godparents. It may include other Christians with whom your family or child is close. The more adults surrounding your child in his/her life of faith, the more they will sense that they have entered into a very real Christian community. Party foods can be whatever you like, but at least a special cake or cupcakes should be included. You may order a cake or decide to bake your own.  Go online for cake ideas and recipes.

2. Start the day with a special meal
Whether or not you decide to host a party, you can start First Communion Sunday with a special breakfast. Homemade pancakes or waffles can be topped with a cross made of icing. An important-looking goblet filled with grape juice will feel special.

3. Take lots of pictures – one suitable for framing
Taking photos means this is a day worth remembering forever. Take lots of pictures. Be sure to get at least one shot that will be suitable for framing or making the centerpiece of a scrapbook page. Some parents decide to use a professional photographer.

4. Create your very own banner
Helping your child to create his/her own banner similar to the ones adorning the church will be memorable. Be sure to include symbols appropriate to the occasion – wheat (for the wafer), grapes (for the wine), a chalice and perhaps a dove (the Holy Spirit) or an Icthys (Christ) are just a few ideas. You can hang the banner at your party and later in your child’s room.

5. First Communion “First” gifts
This is a great opportunity to give your child their very own bible, rosary, cross necklace or book of prayers for the first time. These more grown-up gifts indicate that they are taking a grown-up step into their life of faith.

Whether you are looking for a photo album, book of prayers or even religious jewelry come take a look at The Printery House online gift shop. We print our very own First Communion cards and have a section of gifts devoted to this important occasion. We want to help you make this special day as memorable as possible!

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Girls’ First Communion: Best Gifts and Messages

First Communion Gift

First Communion Olive Wood Rosary

A girl’s first communion is an important day and deserves to be treated as such. First communion is a day which marks a person’s full entry into the life of the church body. Although adults who enter the faith also celebrate first communion, most girls’ first communion will occur between the ages of seven and fourteen. Cards, gifts and even small parties are often part of what makes this day so memorable for the young believer.

First communion is offered to girls and boys who have come to understand the teachings of the gospel and church practice. It is an exciting life event and an occasion of time honored traditions and celebrations. On a girl’s first communion it is common for her to wear a white dress which symbolizes her purity.

There are many items which make ideal gifts for a girl’s first communion. Perhaps the most popular item given is the gift of a rosary. Rosary beads are given to Catholic girls on the occasion of their first communion to encourage them toward a life of prayer. The beads help to count prayers so that the person praying can concentrate on the words being spoken. Rosaries come in many styles to suit all tastes; wood, glass, and even crystal. There are a variety of designs to choose from so that you can choose one that is perfect for the girl who is celebrating her first communion.

Another popular first communion gift is the gift of a crucifix or cross necklace. Like the rosary, these necklaces come in all kinds of styles from the simple to the ornate. Cross jewelry is available in gold, silver or more rustic styles such as wood crosses on a cord.

Bibles make excellent gifts for a girl’s first communion. Gift bibles can be personalized with an embossed name on the cover. Younger girls taking their first communion might appreciate an illustrated bible with colorful pictures of special Bible stories. It can be nice to write on the front page a congratulatory note and the date in honor of the occasion.

There are so many ways to acknowledge the joy of first communion. The Printery House offers all of the above as well as keepsake boxes, keepsake albums, wall crosses and even first communion musical statues. First communion cards are also available to help you let the young lady know that you are happy for her and proud of her decision to walk in obedience to the Lord.

If you plan to attend a girl’s first communion soon, why not browse through their online catalog of cards and gifts? The Printery House makes shopping online a breeze.

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Religious Gift Ideas: Occasions to Celebrate the Walk of Faith

GiftsHidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life and snugged into the rolling hills of northern Missouri, Conception Abbey is home to a community of Benedictine monks devoted to lives of prayer and Christian service.  The monks serve in the role of parish priest when needed, but their chief concern, apart from prayer, is the training of new priests at Conception Seminary College.  The Printery House is the current incarnation of a printing enterprise begun by the monks of Conception Abbey nearly 75 years ago.

The Printery House initially served to provide seminarians learning materials, but has grown to  sell unique products to help to underwrite the Seminary itself.  The in-house printing press is just one part of The Printery House.  Through The Printery House, the monks also offer a broad selection of religious gift ideas to mark special times in the life of faith.

In addition to universally acknowledged occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and major cultural holidays, there are other times when giving a gift is a thoughtful gesture.  Some people still bring hostess gifts when attending a party.  Others may send a thank you gift after enjoying hospitality or receiving a personal act of service.
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Choosing Religious Gifts for Women to Honor Spiritual Milestones

Gifts for WomenAlthough there have been a few recent winter storms, it really is nearly time for Jack Frost to pack it up for another year. Spring is just around the corner. Jonquils will start peeping through the soil about the same time that migrating birds return and grass begins to green. With its resurgence of warmth and life, springtime is the ideal time for significant spiritual occasions too. Baptisms traditionally take place on Easter, but spring is also a time for confirmations and rites of Christian initiation ceremonies.

Confirmation gifts for women

The majority of those celebrating confirmation Continue reading

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