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Walking Down Memory Lane

Do you have a favorite memory from your First Communion or Confirmation Day? Such milestones of faith can bring back wonderful memories.  My Confirmation Day felt as exciting as any graduation day. I was becoming an adult in the church family. My grandparents had been my Baptismal sponsors, so they were present—as were my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My mother hosted a wonderful dinner in my honor. It was a glorious day on so many levels.

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Christian Gifts and Just Fun Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law This Christmas

Creation of the Birds Silk Square

Creation of the Birds Silk Square

There’s always at least one person on every Christmas list for whom it is tough to come up with a sure win gift. Mothers-in-law often occupy this spot on the list. She may not be the person you have trouble shopping for, but if she is here are a few suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift for your mother-in-law:

  1. Make a Memory for Her
    Just about any mother-in-law will melt into tears of joy to find that you’ve scheduled a family photograph session. It could be with a professional photographer or it could be with a friend of the family who’s pretty good behind the lens, but if you do all the arranging, she will be thrilled. Select the time, the place, the clothing or color scheme so all she has to do is show up. This is a winner.
  1. Make Her Feel Beautiful
    If your mother-in-law is a woman who likes to feel in step with the latest trends and fashions then that is a clue as to what will really make her smile on Christmas morning. Look for the newest beauty product or beauty gadget. Maybe there is a new craze in nail polish, lipstick or bronzing – buy it for her and keep her on the cutting edge where she wants to be. Tuck in a copy of Proverbs 31 and let her know that you think she has that sort of beauty too.
  1. Make Some Kitchen Fun
    If your mother-in-law loves the Food Network or bakes lots of meals and treats for people anyway – give her something that will make it even more fun. Stroll through the fancy kitchen stores and look for things she might never spend money on for herself. Wrap them up in a cookie sheet liner, a terrific apron or a few thirsty dish towels.
  1. Make a Working Woman Image
    When your other mom is a working woman, help her look her best behind the desk. Get her a really fabulous scarf, an understated necklace, or a beautiful pen. Or…treat her to a mani-pedi or a massage at the spa. In her gift box, list some of the hard-working women in the Bible – Deborah, Miriam, Lydia, Phoebe, Priscilla – put her name on the list too. Christian gifts can be anything given with a spiritual intent.
  1. Make a Date (or several) on a Calendar
    Why not give her a new Christian calendar in which you’ve already penned in several family get-togethers and events? It could be Sunday dinners or a weekend away at the lake or a day at the zoo. It really depends on how close you live – the idea is to have set aside several times in the coming year to be with her. Include a line from Ecclesiastes about there being a time for everything under heaven.
  1. Make Her Reader’s Heart Happy
    Some moms are avid readers. Among the many Christian gifts you could give her, don’t overlook the gift of edifying reading. Choose a couple of books you know she’ll enjoy and tuck a pretty bookmark in each one. If you are crafty – make a bookmark and have the grandkids sign it!

The Printery House offers many gifts that would be make a perfect gift for your mother-in-law. Mothers-in-law are part of the glue that holds families together. Celebrate yours this Christmas with a gift that is fun and commends her as a woman of faith at the same time.

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Choosing the Perfect Inspirational Gifts to Express Your Feelings

Angel Garden Stone

Angel Garden Stone

There are plenty of opportunities to give gifts to the people who are special in our lives. Choosing just the right gift comes easily to some people – for others, it feels a bit more of a challenge. However, giving inspirational gifts to those you care about can make the job of choosing a gift so much simpler. Inspirational gifts express your feelings in ways that suit any occasion or no occasion at all.

Gifts for the Outdoor Lover
If you have a gardener in your life, there are lots of gifts that speak to their earthly as well as their heavenly passion. Maybe they’d enjoy a statue of St Francis to stand amongst the flowers. Garden stones asking God’s blessing on home and visitors are often welcome gifts for those who dig in the soil. Decorative garden bells add visual whimsy and a pleasant sound to any outdoor space. The words and themes of such gifts say that God is worshipped in the world He has made.

Gifts for Inside the Home
For those who prefer to be indoors, there are more inspirational gifts from which to choose. Three dimensional tabletop plaques have become very popular. These plaques look great resting on a mantle, on a bookshelf, or a dresser. Messages are short and to the point such as PRAY or LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Wall art inspires with words. Plaques for the wall carry such messages as Do Small Things with Great Love, the words of Mother Teresa. Other times plaques beautifully present the words of the Bible itself. As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord from the book of Joshua is a well-loved verse used to adorn many Christian homes.

Other inspirational gifts include sun-catchers, decorative throw pillows, coffee mugs and more. Figurines like the Willow Tree angel collection or the Jim Shore collection make ideal special occasion gifts and often become collectibles. Whether you are looking for a back-to-school present for your child’s teacher, a birthday gift or something just to say “I’m glad we’re friends” inspirational gifts make it easy to find the right gift for the right person.

Gifts for the Reader
Devotional books, missionary biographies and books on Christian living also make terrific gifts for the people you love. Paired with a scripture-decorated bookmark, books can provide hours of contemplation and several opportunities for meaningful discussion over a warm cup of cappuccino.

The Printery House is an online Christian store filled with inspirational gifts like these and many more. Browse through our online catalogue and find gifts to match the important people and events in your life. They express your feelings like almost nothing else can.

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Online Christian Stores Offer Gifts the Bride and Groom Will Treasure


Wedding Gifts 3

“Bless This Home” Wall Plaque

If you are fortunate enough to have the pleasure of attending a summer wedding this year, be thankful.

The weather is usually the least of a wedding guest’s worries, of course. Coming up with a gift that really means something to the couple is much tougher than choosing wedding attire that will work whether the sun is blazing or the breeze is blowing. Many modern blogs on the subject assume that newlyweds will be wowed by luxury items, large cash envelopes, or one-of-a-kind giftings. But for the sincere Christian couple, online Christian stores offer presents that appeal to their faith, are distinctive and are cost-friendly as well.

If the new couple will have a yard, no matter how small, it can be a nice idea to give them something for their outdoor space. You can find handsome garden stones and statuary with simple words like “Bless This House” that never go out of fashion. Catholic couples might enjoy a St Francis bird bath. St Francis was an amazing 12th century Christian who was so enraptured by the gospel that he shared it with everyone – supposedly even small animals and birds!

Newly-married couples will be setting up house together and what better expression of your support than the gift of a doorknocker? Especially one that bears the famous words of Joshua 24:15 As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Great verses like these can also be purchased as wall art for inside the home. If you prefer the
subtler approach, online Christian stores typically stock a wide array of attractive resin plaques that rest on easels with faith-encouraging messages like Preach the Gospel at all times; use words if necessary.

Most Christian couples would be grateful to receive gifts that help them celebrate important holidays like Christmas too. Nativity sets make unique and treasured gifts for the bride and groom. You can find crèches in all sorts of sizes and styles, some large enough for a mantle or placing under the tree, others ideal for gracing the center of a dining table.

One last suggestion is to order some personalized stationary for the couple. They will have a lot of thank you notes to mail out and, let’s face it, there is a certain charm about seeing your names linked together and officially printed on your own stationary.

Many of these gift ideas and plenty of others can be found at The Printery House. You might take a few minutes and check them out our products to find something the bride and groom will love. Oh, and in terms of the weather, you might consider dressing
for hot weather but bringing along a pretty shawl or sweater, just in case. Men, you’re on your own.

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