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Looking for Ways to Express Ministry Appreciation

In Appreciation for Your Priestly Service

In Appreciation for Your Priestly Service

The pastor or priest serves wholeheartedly, often without notice from those who surround them. It is important to encourage those who serve in these roles and we’re offering a few suggestions for expressing ministry appreciation.

Hebrews 13:17 says “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.”

We learn from this verse that it really isn’t enough just to follow church leadership with a grudging spirit. We are to be those who make leadership a joy! October is officially ministry appreciation month so it is a good time to make a few personal changes so that spiritual service is a joy for all 12 months of the year.

1. Voice your gratitude. Leaders carry a responsibility before God for you. That is a serious undertaking. Find something in their leadership you can praise starting with their willingness to take on that kind of responsibility.

2. Give them the gift of prayer. Every priest or pastor needs the prayers of his flock. Make a new habit of praying for the leaders in your church. Then, send them a ministry appreciation card and let them know you pray for them. You could even write a personal prayer inside the card.

3. Ask them to put you to work in the church. It would be good practice for every church member to present themselves to the leadership and ask how they can help serve the needs of the church. Ministers will enjoy leading people who express a willingness to be led and to serve.

4. The easiest way to show ministry appreciation is to give your leaders your full attention. Listen to the words they share with the congregation and with you personally. Cell phones and other distractions can be put away during church gatherings so that you can focus on the person attempting to lead you.

5. Demonstrate kindness and care for his family. If you send the pastor’s wife a birthday card or include his children in social invitations you will help make ministry a joy. Married ministers and church leaders make untold sacrifices in terms of family time. Your loving attention to their family will be a tangible means of seeing God’s provision in honor of those sacrifices.

There are, of course, many other ways you can make leadership pleasant. Ask God to guide you, but most of all, do something. If you are looking for cards appropriate for ministry appreciation, check out the wide selection of Christian greeting cards to be found at The Printery House. We offer a wide selection of cards to encourage your leaders.

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Let the Christian Gift Store Help You Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month

With Appreciation

With Appreciation

October means many fun, fall activities. Hay mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, harvest parties….and Pastor Appreciation Month! How will you make use of the opportunity to express appreciation for the spiritual leaders God has placed in your life? October is Pastor Appreciation Month, but without a plan, the chance to encourage your pastor may pass you by.

It’s true that you could honor your pastor any day of the year. However, good intentions too often fall to the bottom of your weekly To Do list. Instead of letting another October slip by without acknowledging the blessing of your spiritual shepherd, make the effort this year to celebrate the occasion. Let the Christian gift store help you.

Here are a few possible ways to celebrate:

Your pastor or priest spends time reading the Scriptures along with other spiritual references so why not give him a special bookmark? You could plan to have children in the nursery or toddler program color the bookmarks – then date and laminate them. On the other hand, you could buy a set of bookmarks from the Christian gift store. Either way, he will have plenty of opportunity to remember how he was honored.

2. Books
Bookmarks are great companions to book. Why not have a Sunday school class collect money to buy the pastor a desired commentary or devotional book. If more people or classes want to be involved, purchase an entire set of commentaries. A new bible would also make a great gift.

3. Picture
This idea is easy and unique. Have someone with photography skills take an attractive photo of the church building. It can be color or black and white. Mat and frame the photo. Have those giving the gift date and sign the back before presenting.

4. Time for an Upgrade
One way to let your pastor or priest know how much you appreciate their ministry is to upgrade their work space. Maybe they would like a new desk chair. Perhaps a new coat of paint on the walls. A new machine that makes coffee or hot tea by the cup might be nice. Maybe a new, larger computer screen. Pastor Appreciation Month could mean time for an office upgrade.

5. Everyone Involved
Your shepherd will feel surprised and blessed if you spend a week showering him with thanks. For one week assign various groups within the church each day to be responsible for treating the leader. For example, the nursery committee might bring him a homemade pie on Monday, the deacons might deliver a balloon bouquet on Tuesday. On Wednesday the Sunday school teachers might present him with a gift card to the Christian gift store. You get the idea. And so will he!!

Plan now for ways to let the leader in your congregation know how grateful you are. Check out other great gift ideas at The Printery House. We offer a large selection of cards and gifts to encourage your pastor.

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October is Clergy Appreciation Month: Take Time to Send a Christian Greeting Card or Gift to Say Thank You

Pastor Appreciation 1

Gratitude for Your Ministry

Those who shepherd the flock of Christ bear a heavy responsibility. Theirs is a high
calling. October is Clergy appreciation month and while these leaders deserve our prayer and words of gratitude all year long, this month represents a special opportunity to express your appreciation and support.

Although members of the Clergy are most visible at the weekly services, church leaders serve their congregations every day, throughout the day. On any given day, pastors and priests may be called upon to pray with someone over the phone, they may be offering counsel in their office, visiting the ill at the hospital or nursing home, performing weddings or funerals, attending potlucks or any number of other church events. These are the leaders who give a public face to the local church. They meet and greet visitors and newcomers. And, as the apostle Paul once said, on top of all of this, they bear responsibility for the church in prayer and oversight.

Since October has been designated Clergy Appreciation Month, don’t wait to come up with a plan for letting your pastor or priest know how much you value their work in the Lord. You may have a wonderful idea in mind for how to support your minister, but if you have a hard time coming up with your own ideas, here are a few we thought were helpful.

1. Send a Christian greeting card
You can send a card to the pastor, to his wife, even to his children – whether they live
at home or are away at college. It can be a humorous card or one that expresses a serious sentiment, but be sure to communicate to the entire family that you can see how each one is sacrificing for the benefit of the entire church. The pastor may be the person who is up front, but the family behind him shares in the commitment.

2. Schedule daily prayer
October is one month of designated appreciation, so why not gather church members and commit to daily prayer and encouragement during this month? You can assign a member to each day or several members to each week. These members pledge to pray on a given day or days for the pastor. You could even solicit specific prayer requests.

3. Give a gift
A gift can be homemade, home-baked or a gift card to a restaurant or store. You could even offer to babysit one evening.

4. Invite him over
Invite your minister and his family (if applicable) over for dinner or dessert. This is a great chance to say in person how thankful you are for his faithful labors.

5. Write a thank you
A simple thank you card is worth a lot and you’d be surprised how many people never take the time to pen just a few words.

Whether you choose to give a gift or send a Christian greeting card the important thing is to do it sooner rather than later. October will fly past just like every other month of the year. If you are looking for a place to find a Christian greeting card or gift, take a look at The Printery House where you can find anything from stationery to bibles to artwork and more.

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