Spreading God’s Word Through Greeting Cards and Art

  • Abbey Oven Granola and Biscotti are back!

    After a pause of several years, Abbey Oven granola and biscotti from the Printery House at Conception are back. Originally offered from 2015 to 2018, these recipes were developed at Conception Abbey by one of the monks. We are now able to offer these delectable delights again! Honey Nut Granola Our granola is handmade with […]

  • Monastic Lenten Practices: How Benedictine monks observe Lent

    It is a long-standing tradition in the Church for Christians to commit to extra prayer, fasting, and charity during Lent. The Rule of Saint Benedict offers this guidance for the monastic observance of Lent: Bona Opera “Although the life of a monk ought always to have a Lenten character, yet because few have the degree […]

  • Our Family Book of Life Returns!

    The Printery House is excited to announce the re-introduction of Our Family Book of Life, which had been out of print since 2018. Our Family Book of Life book allows families to record important events in their sacramental life. It also contains religious commentary on the meaning of each sacrament. This is an excellent wedding […]

  • Welcoming Priests and Pastors to New Assignments

    Around this time of year, many Catholic dioceses rearrange priest assignments. Priests move to different parishes, new roles, or new duties. That makes this a great time to reach out with a card or gift to welcome the new minister. Even if it’s a little late, a card or gift from a new parishioner will […]

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