Choosing Religious Gifts for Women to Honor Spiritual Milestones

Gifts for WomenAlthough there have been a few recent winter storms, it really is nearly time for Jack Frost to pack it up for another year. Spring is just around the corner. Jonquils will start peeping through the soil about the same time that migrating birds return and grass begins to green. With its resurgence of warmth and life, springtime is the ideal time for significant spiritual occasions too. Baptisms traditionally take place on Easter, but spring is also a time for confirmations and rites of Christian initiation ceremonies.

Confirmation gifts for women

The majority of those celebrating confirmation are young people, usually pre-teens and adolescents, who want to publicly affirm their agreement with the faith vows their parents made for them. However, adult confirmation is not a rarity. Adult women who are confirmed as followers of Jesus Christ will appreciate a special gift that marks this important step. Religious gifts for women can take many forms. Women being confirmed might enjoy a rosary, a decorative wall cross or a new bible.

Rite of Christian Initiation gifts for women

Sometimes, it is not until adulthood that a woman even seriously considers matters of faith. An adult who decides to join the Catholic Church, for example, is not confirmed, but participates in the Rite of Christian Initiation. There have been a number of high profile adults like G.K. Chesterton and Henri Nouen who became committed in their faith much later in life.

Women who make that important decision might appreciate a book of household blessings and prayers with a personalized inscription and the date recorded on the inside flap. A stained-glass sun catcher with a religious motif would be a daily reminder of the new life they have chosen. Newly committed female believers might also feel recognized by the gift of a cross necklace or one of the ever-popular Willow Tree angel figurines. Just about any faith-based memento would serve to honor this all-important step.

Cleansing inside and out

Whether it is through confirmation or the rite of Christian initiation, the focus is on the person’s admission that they need the cleansing offered through Jesus Christ. To the list of religious gifts for women therefore, one could certainly add some fragrant hand-made soap. The Printery House offers a line of hand-crafted soaps made from various oils and natural ingredients. Soaps with scents such as cedarwood and sage, spring rain, lilac and tropical breeze are available and come in individualized fabric bags. Why not give a soap accompanied by a verse that speaks of Jesus’ cleansing power to recognize the new life begun in faith?


The Printery House has many more gifts from which to choose. Whatever the occasion this spring, The Printery House should be the first place to look for religious gift ideas.


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