Easter Ideas for Kids: More Meaning, Less Hype


Easter is a holiday that can be extra meaningful when shared with a child. Anyone walking the aisles of the local grocery has already begun to see shelves loaded down with neon plastic and chocolate in preparation for the Easter season. Yet Christian parents may feel that wrapped chocolates and plastic grass, while pretty, might somehow fail to help children grasp the reality of the Easter story. Traditions need not be given up, but they can be reclaimed and given more meaning.

Here are several Easter ideas for kids that can make your celebration of Easter a time of teaching without losing any of the delight.

Easter eggs – Share the resurrection story

Easter eggs are probably the most popular association with the holiday. Hunting for eggs on Easter morning is an event that is honored on the White House lawn and in backyards across the country. Christians can make this fun time a learning time, too, simply by exchanging colored chicken eggs for Resurrection eggs. Resurrection eggs are brightly-hued plastic eggs which contain individual sections of the Biblical Easter account. After finding them in a traditional hunt, the children are told which eggs to open and read (or an adult may read for them) in chronological order. Using Resurrection eggs does not mean that chocolate eggs are taboo, but adding Resurrection eggs will keep the attention on Jesus and His sacrifice for us.

Fun in the kitchen for Easter, but pointing to the Cross

Kids also enjoy indoor fun at Easter. A great place for kids and adults to share some time is in the family kitchen. The kitchen can also be a wonderful place to reinforce the meaning of Easter. Candy usually figures largely in the traditional Easter basket, but why not add some homemade goodies to your Easter celebration this year? There are blogs and websites packed with recipes that incorporate the Easter story. Check out
this blog which has recipes for Resurrection cookies and Resurrection rolls. Both involve kids in the preparation and give you step by step guidance in explaining how the ingredients point to Jesus, His gift on the cross and His resurrection.

Easter basket tradition can have Christian meaning

Easter eggs and Easter candies are traditionally collected in a child’s Easter basket. Kids love these once-a-year sugar-sprees. Lots of time and attention is often given to decorating the outside of the basket, but Christian parents and grandparents can turn that around by focusing more on what goes inside the basket. In addition to the brightly
wrapped confections, we suggest adding some more meaningful gifts. Consider tucking a children’s bible story book, a Christian music CD, or a cross necklace inside the basket right alongside the expected sweets. As your child matures the gifts you choose to include will also grow in spiritual depth.

The Printery House as an Easter resource for families

The Printery House can help you discover Easter ideas for kids that will enrich your Easter celebration. At The Printery House you will find beautiful Easter cards, and also gift items that would be ideal for a child’s Easter basket – like wooden blocks inscribed with a child’s prayer or a book about the risen Savior. Their inspiring wall plaques and Christian art items would also make great Easter gifts for adult loved ones.

Intentionally incorporating Easter truths will make your holiday traditions even more special, and allow you to create some favorite and meaningful new memories this year.