Easter Ideas for Kids, Part 2: More Than Meets the Egg

Kids EasterExcept for a few northernmost regions, the countryside is bending toward spring. Girls may look for hats, purses or a new hair-bow. Boys usually get a new pair of pants or a collared shirt. Everyone looks spiffed up and at their best on Easter morning. But Christian moms and dads know that the most important preparations affect the heart of their child.

With that in mind, here are some great Easter ideas for kids that teach kids the heart of Easter:

1. Go on a walk and look for signs of new life. Point out bird nests and talk about the eggs which are being laid. Look for signs of bulb flowers pushing through the soil. Bushes may be sending out tiny buds just waiting to unfold into sun-gathering leaves.
Discussing the creation pattern of death which gives way to new life can help your child see that this is part of God’s signature. The Easter story is God doing what God does –
bringing life out of death.

2. Plan a visit to a farm or petting zoo where baby animals can be found. Talk about how new life happens every spring. This provides a visual to help your child understand that Jesus brings new life to those who trust Him.

3. Plan a Passover dinner with your family. Explain how and why the Jews celebrated this tradition, including our Lord Jesus. Tell your children that as Christians we look
forward to our own deliverance into a new and better land. Jesus is our Passover Lamb.

4. Get a glass jar and poke holes in the lid. Place a caterpillar inside and watch the transformation into butterfly. Talk about how Jesus was raised to a new kind of life and so will all those who follow Him.

5. Make a family box for holding individual repentances. Jesus died so that all our sins can be forgiven. Use a repentance box to reinforce Easter truth.

6. Search out an Easter recipe. Resurrection cookies, empty tomb cakes and empty tomb crescent rolls are all fun ways to mix truth with yummy fun. Recipes abound on a number of family-oriented websites.

7. Make an Easter calendar or Easter tree. Similar to advent, these activities match bible readings with countdown marks on the calendar or additions to an Easter tree. Bible reading joined to an activity is very memorable.

Easter ideas for kids don’t have to be elaborate. The Printery House has a great store of Easter cards and gifts full of meaning that can help you make your Resurrection Sunday
less about chocolate cream-filled eggs and more about our Lord. Take a look at Easter-themed cards, books which provide Lent meditations, wall plaques and religious jewelry. Tuck a Christian bookmark or CD inside your child’s Easter basket. All of this and
more can be found at The Printery House.


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  1. Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B. Avatar
    Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B.

    And of course, whatever Christian tradition you belong to, take your kids to church for Easter. For Catholics, if your kids are old enough to pay attention to what is going on, attend all of the Triduum services for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. The Easter Vigil especially can be a very long service, so use your judgment about whether or not your children can handle sitting still for a couple of hours. But these once-a-year ceremonies can be a great teaching tool as we live out the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection.