Holy Week: Easter Cards Share Spiritual Truths Through Art

IamDo you know where your Easter cards came from, or if they have a story? Taking the time to send a message of hope and faith with a religious greeting card is a special act. You can make it even more meaningful this year by sending a unique card that has a story all its own.

One example are the cards made on-site at The Printery House, a printing ministry of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey. Nestled among the hills and trees of northern Missouri, Conception Abbey is home to just under 50 monks devoted to prayer and ministry. The Abbey has been in existence since 1881 and has been involved with printing since the 1930s.

At The Printery House, religious greeting cards are designed by individual artists, some of whom are the monks themselves. The artwork for each card is chosen by the monks of Conception Abbey for its quality as well as its ability to convey truth and faith. Everything is created by hand at The Printery House, from the art design and layout, to painting and lettering, before going to their in-house printing press. That kind of attention explains why more than 5 million religious greeting cards are sold by The Printery House every year. Proceeds from card sales are used to support the Abbey and Conception Seminary College.

Rendering spiritual truth through art
Easter cards from Printery House use the beauty of art to convey spiritual truth. This is especially appropriate at Easter, a holiday born in symbolism. For example, Easter cards are often adorned with white trumpet lilies. Since the 1800s these flowers have been used to symbolize the beauty of life through death. The bulbs which will produce the Easter lily are buried in the ground and then explode into life each spring. Their white color reflects the white and gold which are used to adorn churches on Easter morning. White is a symbol of new, heavenly life while gold points to the eternal city believers anticipate.

Artwork during Easter also employs purple, the color of royalty which some say also represents the dual natures of Christ as both God and Man. Blue, the color of the sky, is considered a heavenly color and red is the color often associated with mankind. Therefore, the combination of red and blue to make purple can be seen as the ideal color for Christ. Others think that purple came to be associated with Easter because it was a popular color in the Jewish temple and in priestly garments.

Religious greeting cards share Easter messages with children
While adults find meaning in the symbolism of colors and fabric draped crosses, children often most associate Easter with eggs, candy and the Easter bunny. The Printery House offers religious greeting cards for Easter that employ pastel colors and images of spring, opening the door for parents to help kids understand the faith meaning of the symbols they see. A recent Focus on the Family article shares more ideas for helping kids understand the meaning of Easter and how to connect the symbols with the resurrection story.

Sharing the Easter season with everyone

The joy of Easter is too great to contain, it is a message and excitement believers are bursting to share. The Printery House Easter cards and other religious greeting cards use carefully crafted art, color schemes and messages to help you share the joy and the love of this incredibly meaningful season.