Religious Gift Ideas: Occasions to Celebrate the Walk of Faith

GiftsHidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life and snugged into the rolling hills of northern Missouri, Conception Abbey is home to a community of Benedictine monks devoted to lives of prayer and Christian service. The monks serve in the role of parish priest when needed, but their chief concern, apart from prayer, is the training of new priests at Conception Seminary College. The Printery House is the current incarnation of a printing enterprise begun by the monks of Conception Abbey nearly 75 years ago.

The Printery House initially served to provide seminarians learning materials, but has grown to sell unique products to help to underwrite the Seminary itself. The in-house printing press is just one part of The Printery House. Through The Printery House, the monks also offer a broad selection of religious gift ideas to mark special times in the life of faith.

In addition to universally acknowledged occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and major cultural holidays, there are other times when giving a gift is a thoughtful gesture. Some people still bring hostess gifts when attending a party. Others may send a thank you gift after enjoying hospitality or receiving a personal act of service.

Sometimes it is nice to give a gift ‘just because’ you want to demonstrate your affection for another person. In the life of Christians, there are significant milestones which provide opportunities to show that you share in the rejoicing. Confirmation or formal entrance into the Christian church is one such occasion.

Confirmation is practiced in many Christian churches. It represents the time when a person baptized during infancy affirms their vows to their Savior. During Confirmation the person is able to make their own informed confession of faith in Christ as Savior. Often the Confirmation ceremony takes place after the person has been given formal instruction regarding the meaning of Christian faith and practice. During this ceremony the individual confirms for him/herself their faith in their Savior. This public act of confessing faith in Jesus as Lord is a significant step and one worthy of special recognition by brothers and sisters in Christ.

Rite of Christian Initiation
Within the Catholic church there is another ceremony similar to Confirmation known as the rite of Christian Initiation. This rite is for those who were not baptized as infants but who wish to enter into the Catholic faith. It is also available to Christians who wish to transfer from another Christian denomination into full Catholic membership or to Catholics who for whatever reason never completed their own rite of Confirmation. Like Confirmation, this rite also requires religious instruction and a public profession of faith.

Gifts to celebrate profession of faith
Occasions such as Confirmation and the Rite of Christian Initiation are just two examples of times when the family of God gathers around in communal celebration. They are major steps of faith deserving the joyful acknowledgement of the family of God.

The Printery House creates and publishes a full line of religious greeting cards and devotional materials that serve as ideal gifts for such occasions. Christian gifts specifically for Confirmation are available, as are a whole host of items which would be appropriate for baptisms, ordinations and other key moments of a person’s faith walk. Visit The Printery House website today to view their full line of religious gift ideas.


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