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Mother’s Day Card Ideas to Say You Are Special

Mothers Day CardsThere are very few people in life who will influence you as greatly as your mother. Occasionally a teacher will have convinced you that you could do more than you thought you could. A coach might have taught you valuable lessons in self-discipline and perseverance. Professional mentors may have given you guidance and advice that helped to direct your career. But mom is the one who has been there from the start and who you can trust to be there at the end and everywhere in between.

Thankfully, there is one day set aside each year for telling moms how much we appreciate them. Mother’s Day usually includes treating mom to a day off from cooking, maybe a gift of some sort, but certainly a greeting card. There are many cards from which to choose and yet, finding one that blends the right art and the right message can mean standing for good portions of time in the card aisle. To speed along the process here are some Mother’s Day card ideas to keep in mind:

Praise her for something specific

The best Mother’s Day card ideas are those which find something concrete for which to thank or praise mom. Gratitude that is vaguely expressed is hard to hold onto. Tell your mom what you appreciate in so many words.

You can thank your mom for modeling a life of faith for you. Proverbs 31 says “a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

You can use a religious greeting card to thank her for a lifetime of teaching you about what the Bible says, and how it applies to everyday situations. A mother who obeys the charge of Deuteronomy 6 “keep the words that I am commanding you…recite them to your children and talk about them…” is a mother to be greatly appreciated for her faithfulness.

You can tell mom how her love has impacted you. Many times, a mother loves when everyone else but God forgets. Tell her how she has embodied 1 Corinthians 13 “and now faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Do remember all the moms in your life

Your own mother has had the greatest impact on you, but other moms affect your life too. If you are married, your mother-in-law deserves some credit for the wonderful spouse you enjoy. Grandmothers are moms to several generations and deserve recognition found in a religious greeting card. Spiritual mothers, women who have influenced your spiritual life, also will be encouraged by your words of thanks and praise.

At The Printery House you can find cards to match all of these Mother’s Day card ideas. Cards with lovely artwork and scriptural messages help you tell mom exactly why she
is so special in your life. Boxed card sets make it easy to remember all the special mothers in your life … and shopping online means you don’t have to spend hours in the store! Send a card from The Printery House this year.

Religious Gifts for Women: Housewarming Gifts They Will Love

Hand-crafted soaps like Spring Rain and Cedarwood are sold by the Printery House and made by Monastery Scents, a business owned by the Benedictine Sisters in Clyde, MO. The soaps are rich, fragrant handcrafted bars made from natural ingredients; a bit of Holy Water and a prayer is added for you.

Spring and summer can be exciting times of transition and new beginnings.

Kids graduating from high school will move into college. Kids graduating from college will move into their own apartment. Job transfers often occur over the spring and summer so that kids can start in the new school the following fall.

What that means is that there will be plenty of opportunities to help friends and loved ones get settled into their new homes over the next few months. Housewarming parties are a time-honored way to share in the joy of a new dwelling place. In days gone by, the practice of housewarming was intensely practical as visitors would bring firewood to literally warm the home. Today, it is an opportunity to fill the new home with loved ones, laughter and well wishes.

Symbolic housewarming gifts might include a pineapple or any article emblazoned with a pineapple, since this fruit is said to symbolize welcome. Gifts of bread and salt symbolize abundant supply and are practical food gifts to enjoy. Green plants are also symbolic of life and vitality and make special housewarming gifts. Periwinkle in particular is thought to symbolize long and happy married life. Garden gifts also make terrific housewarming offerings. Garden plaques and planters give a new home the look of an established home.

Religious gifts for women suitable for housewarmings can take many forms. Faith-based artwork for the walls makes a nice welcoming gift. Wall crosses, framed house blessings, and other framed Christian prints usually find a ready spot in the new home. Other religious gifts for women on this occasion include devotional books and CDs of Christian music. Write a personal inscription and the date on the back of your gift and it will always be remembered as part of the welcome.

Whether you choose a practical gift, a symbolic gift, or religious gifts for women, the important thing is to not wait too long to pay a call and take a special housewarming present to say welcome. If there is not an official party, then a visit within the first eight weeks is considered best. When you get ready to go, take a look at The Printery House where you are sure to find many special gift ideas that will help to convey all of your good wishes.



Choosing the Perfect Mother’s Day Card Message

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momMothers are revered the world over for the contribution they make into the lives of their children. So how do you find the perfect Mother’s Day card message for your mom?

According to best estimates there are over 80 million mothers in America. Mother’s Day ranks third in terms of card sales occasions. It is expected that more than 150 million cards will be given this Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day card messages can be strongly sentimental, sharply witty or plain and simple. It really depends on the buyer and the mom.

Many people choose cards for others based on the type of card they themselves would like to receive. Whether it is a card with humor, or one that has a certain flavor of artwork, or even one chosen for the text, many card shoppers think about themselves and what sort of card reflects them when they go to pick out a Mother’s Day greeting.

It is also important to keep the recipient in mind when selecting a Mother’s Day card and Mother’s Day card message. If mom has a favorite bible verse, you might choose a card that highlights that scripture. Maybe mom enjoys gardening so a card with that motif would be especially appealing.

Mothers may enjoy clever wordplays or funny cards because they are women who love life and enjoy laughing. Giving this kind of mom a silly card is a great time to include a note about how much you appreciate the joy she brings into all kinds of situations.

There are a number of ways to choose the perfect Mother’s Day card, but at the end of the day it is really about finding out how to celebrate your mom for the special and unique person she is. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day card message that reflects your mother’s faith and love of God then we invite you to browse through the selection of Mother’s Day cards available at The Printery House. Each card from The Printery House is made on-site in the rolling hills of Conception Abbey, and many feature hand-lettering and images exclusively prepared by monks and artists. You are sure to find one that will speak the words of love, honor and faith that will bless her on her special day.

Homemade Cards: Hand Lettering and Art Still in Style


Assorted Greeting CardsIn a world of text messages and email, getting an actual piece of mail in the mailbox has become even more precious. Cards can show up to make a Happy Birthday wish, console a hurting loved one, or just drop in to bring a smile. A card made by hand goes one step beyond in conveying your thoughts and emotions. You can say exactly what you want to say and in a way that is uniquely you.

Making a homemade card is a lot of fun once you get started. To begin with take some time and stroll through the office supply store or craft store. There you will find card stock in a variety of weights and colors. You might want to pick up several colors to find which you like the best.

Next, take a look at the stamps. You don’t have to stamp a pre-made message like Happy Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You or Get Well, but it can take off some of the pressure and allow your creativity to focus elsewhere. It’s up to you.

Women or girls on your list might really enjoy receiving a card embellished with a pressed flower, fancy buttons, patterned ribbon or glitter. Homemade cards make a great home for your broken or mismatched jewelry too. Use wire cutters to clip off the metal and just attach the pretty adornment to your card with glue.

You can personalize a card for men by mounting pictures of cars, trucks, fishing equipment and such on a background color and pasting it to the front of your card. Men might enjoy finding a tiny lure attached to a card. If you find a funny cartoon in a newspaper or magazine, why not save it and share it on a card? The possibilities are endless and it is loads of fun to look at the world as your own treasure hunt for new ideas.

Making a card by hand represents a personal investment. That is precisely what makes the cards at The Printery House so special. The Printery House cards are created, lettered, and printed on-site. The monks themselves create some of the original artwork and lettering, as well as a team of artists. These cards are made from the heart to help you share your faith and encourage others, and can be a beautiful memory to treasure for years to come.