Christian Greeting Cards Featuring Modern Designs for Timeless Celebrations

Christian CardsIf the burst of spring is making you ready to take a Sunday drive in the country, you might consider driving toward Conception, Mo. There, set in rolling hills, is a Benedictine monastery known as Conception Abbey. Conception Abbey has been around for more than 100 years prayerfully serving others and working to make Christ known.

The monks of Conception Abbey devote a portion of their work time to The Printery House, a publishing ministry which provides quality Christian greeting cards, stationery and other faith-related items. Revenue from The Printery House helps support the seminarians there preparing for life in the priesthood. Visitors to Conception Abbey can tour the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, enjoy the Abbey Guest Center and revel in the solitude and quiet.

Cards with purpose

The Printery House began as a means of publishing materials for the Seminary located at Conception Abbey, but it soon grew to a place where a large variety of religious printed materials were being made. Everything printed by the monks of Conception Abbey is prepared with care and purpose as a tool for sharing faith. The artwork is beautiful and messages are worded with scriptural truth in mind. Excellence in all things is fitting and The Printery House operates by that standard.

At The Printery House you can find Christian greeting cards with faith-filled messages for a variety of occasions. Popular designs for spring include Rite of Christian Initiation, baptism cards for children and graduation cards, all beautifully created on-site at The Printery House print shop and all created to help share your faith. You’ll also find many inspirational gifts to share to help mark the milestones in life with friends and family.

Cards with handmade attention to detail

Visitors can enjoy the quiet, but life is very busy for the monks of Conception Abbey. Those involved with The Printery House work daily to create religious greeting cards and other items that will support believers in their faith. The artwork not created by monks themselves is individually contracted and chosen for its beauty and ability to convey spiritual meaning. All of the text is written and printed by hand before going to the press.

To see the selection of Christian greeting cards and gifts, visit The Printery House online. While you are there, take a look at information on the Abbey itself. Maybe this weekend will be your opportunity to enjoy a scenic drive to Conception, Mo. and experience Conception Abbey.





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