Homemade Cards: Hand Lettering and Art Still in Style

Assorted Greeting CardsIn a world of text messages and email, getting an actual piece of mail in the mailbox has become even more precious. Cards can show up to make a Happy Birthday wish, console a hurting loved one, or just drop in to bring a smile. A card made by hand goes one step beyond in conveying your thoughts and emotions. You can say exactly what you want to say and in a way that is uniquely you.

Making a homemade card is a lot of fun once you get started. To begin with take some time and stroll through the office supply store or craft store. There you will find card stock in a variety of weights and colors. You might want to pick up several colors to find which you like the best.

Next, take a look at the stamps. You don’t have to stamp a pre-made message like Happy Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You or Get Well, but it can take off some of the pressure and allow your creativity to focus elsewhere. It’s up to you.

Women or girls on your list might really enjoy receiving a card embellished with a pressed flower, fancy buttons, patterned ribbon or glitter. Homemade cards make a great home for your broken or mismatched jewelry too. Use wire cutters to clip off the metal and just attach the pretty adornment to your card with glue.

You can personalize a card for men by mounting pictures of cars, trucks, fishing equipment and such on a background color and pasting it to the front of your card. Men might enjoy finding a tiny lure attached to a card. If you find a funny cartoon in a newspaper or magazine, why not save it and share it on a card? The possibilities are endless and it is loads of fun to look at the world as your own treasure hunt for new ideas.

Making a card by hand represents a personal investment. That is precisely what makes the cards at The Printery House so special. The Printery House cards are created, lettered, and printed on-site. The monks themselves create some of the original artwork and lettering, as well as a team of artists. These cards are made from the heart to help you share your faith and encourage others, and can be a beautiful memory to treasure for years to come.


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