Unique Baby Christening Gift Ideas to Treasure

Christening GiftsChristians walk through life together to strengthen and encourage one another even as they reach out to others with the saving message of the gospel. The church family supports one another in birth, in marriage, in daily living and in death.

Baptism is the rite by which Christians publicly confess their love for and faith in Christ and in which the church promises to come alongside to help that love and faith to mature. One of the happiest occasions in the life of the church is the welcoming of a new baby into the church family. A Christening is a celebration of a baby’s baptism.

The tradition of Christening

While baptism is the official title for the ceremony of public identification with Christ, believers who practice infant baptism sometimes refer to the event as christening. The name Christian, first given to believers in the ancient city of Antioch, means follower of Christ or even Little Christ. Similarly, when a baby is baptized, he/she is being identified with Christ. A christening ceremony differs from simple baptism in that the baby is given a new name, often the name of a Christian saint. The baby often wears a long, white gown reminiscent of a bride’s wedding dress.

During the christening ceremony, parents and godparents make a public confession of dependence on Christ and vow to choose lives of personal holiness. The service includes a series of questions and answers which highlight the core tenets of the Christian faith. Once the faith has been proclaimed has been made clear the child is baptized. This is followed by a promise on the part of the parents and godparents to nourish a similar faith in the child.

Baby Christening gift ideas

Baby christenings are joyful occasions in the church. It is completely proper to celebrate this day with a shared meal and even the giving of gifts. On this day, any sort of faith-related item makes an appropriate gift, but there are traditional baby christening gifts. Tried and true christening gifts include personalized items such as engraved cups and spoons or bibles. Perhaps less traditional but certainly welcome would be a picture frame to hold a photo taken on that day. Personalized pillows and blankets and money gifts are also time-honored gifts.

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If you are privileged to share in a baby’s christening service and are looking for a gift to take along, look no farther than The Printery House. At The Printery House you can find greeting cards, Christian sculptures, wall crosses – any number of baby christening gift ideas that will not only convey your support but become items to treasure throughout the child’s growing up years.


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