Holy Cards Tell Ancient Story of Faith

Holy CardsSending Holy Cards is one way that Christians can help one another to regain a sense of heritage and continuity with those who went before. Holy cards first became popular as far back as the 15th century. Since then, images of Christ, the Blessed Mother, biblical characters and saints of the church have graced the cards making them a great way to keep the story of God’s work on earth a present matter of thought.

Holy Cards sometimes bear the images of biblical accounts. Cards depict scenes from the bible such as King David playing psalms upon a lyre, Jesus as the Good Shepherd, the Last Supper or the risen Christ appearing to Peter to ask him “Do you love Me?”

Other cards represent ancient saints of the church. St Anthony of Padua with the infant Jesus or St Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds are popular themes. Oftentimes, holy cards with icons of the saints include a brief biographical history of the saint on the inside. When they don’t, it is a great opportunity for the sender to enclose a little bit about the saint for the recipient to read. Think of it as curating church history.

Since church history is an ongoing tale, some Holy Cards have to do with more modern church figures such as Popes or even modern visitations like Our Lady of Korea. The story of the church extends back to the Garden of Eden when God first called men into fellowship with Himself, it became formalized when Jesus was raised and sent His Spirit to earth and it continues down to today through the lives of church leaders and individual members.

Sending Holy Cards is also a great way to pass along well-loved prayers of the saints. Many believers who went before us penned words of devotion and commitment that still find an echo in believing hearts today. It is also a great chance to remind one another of the creeds which guide us in faith and practice. Too many modern-day Christians don’t know the words to the Nicene Creed and the Apostle’s Creed – statements which have for centuries united Christians everywhere.

The Printery House invites you to take a look at their extensive selection of Holy Cards and icon reproductions. They would love to join with you in passing along the baton of faith and church history. Do something a little different. Do something a little more meaningful. The next time you want to send a card – send a Holy Card.