Personalized Wedding Gifts: For Keeps, For Generations

Catholic Wedding Bible
Catholic Edition Wedding Bible

Wedding season will be here soon. Halfway into May, you will have probably already attended one or more wedding showers. June brides are making their final fitting appointments. Parents of the bride are double-checking flower orders and reception menus. As the guest, you’ve got it made – all you have to do is show up. Get your wedding gift sooner rather than later, and then there is nothing for you to do but to enjoy the happy event.

Most couples today have made a complete list of the many necessities they need and desire with at least two big-name stores. Buying from the gift registry is a good way to help the young couple set up house, and helping young married couples get set is a real blessing. However, personalized wedding gifts can wind up being more treasured and valued for years to come.

Cash, for example, is fast becoming a popular wedding gift. But as appreciated as it may be at the time, it is not a gift that will be connected to any particular item and it will not likely be long remembered. Money as a gift may say ‘generosity’ and ‘practical’ – but it doesn’t say ‘personal’. Gifts that reflect what you know about the couple do say those things.

Christian couples who wed this summer might be blessed to receive a Wedding Bible. The Printery House offers a beautiful New American Standard edition Bible perfect for newlyweds. The Bible even has a place for the couple to record the bible verses that were part of the wedding ceremony. This is the kind of gift that gets passed on to the next generation.

Another fun idea under personalized wedding gifts, is a musical keepsake box. The Printery House has a music box which plays the tune of On Eagle’s Wings, with eagle artwork on the lid. However, the box is made purposefully with easy access to the artwork so that you could also slide it out and replace it with a 4×6” photo of the couple under the glass to personalize it. This keepsake box will be a keeper.

Believing couples have thought ahead to needing a toaster, a blender and bath towels, but they may not have thought about the holidays they will be sharing. Why not bless them with the gift of an Advent Candleholder? When December rolls around they will be so appreciative…and the December after that….and the December after that….

Consider going off-registry this summer. Try giving personalized wedding gifts instead. The Printery House has them. Take a look soon, then relax and enjoy the ceremony and the cake.


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