Unique Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love

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Little Rock Catholic Study Bible

Dads are like main support beams in a house. They don’t attract a lot of attention, but without them everything you see would fall apart. Dad may not enjoy the spotlight, but once a year families pause to thank the man that God has placed into the role of Father. Dads provide security, comfort and strength. And when families are blessed with a dad who follows Christ, the blessings are just that much richer.

That said, it can be a tall order to come up with gifts that bless the man everyone turns to and relies upon. Unique Father’s Day gifts are hard to come by. Common Father’s Day gift ideas usually run along the lines of snazzy electronics, sports paraphernalia, or some new clothes that, to be honest, dad may not even want. Neckties are the ultimate in ‘been there, done that’ Father’s Day gift-giving.

This year why not give dad a gift that is out of the ordinary? If you are fortunate enough to have a Christian father, then give him a gift that celebrates that blessing. Unique Father’s Day gifts are a little easier to come up with when you focus on your dad’s faith, and how it has played a unique role in your own life. At The Printery House, there are a number of faith-related gifts that would be sure to make any dad feel loved and appreciated.

Give dad words of scripture and spiritual leadership to share

Catholic dads may enjoy receiving a new Catholic Study Bible. This Bible is worded for understanding. Visual aids help readers to recognize significant scripture passages. Dads might also appreciate a book containing Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers. Dads are the spiritual leaders in the home, but a book filled with prayers and words of blessing can help them take on that role with more confidence. A bookmark makes an ideal companion gift.

Give dad words of promise and blessing for himself

Dad gives out advice and wisdom, but dads need strengthening and encouragement too. Pocket prayers are terrific ways to keep words of blessing and spiritual encouragement ‘on hand’. At The Printery House you can find the Irish Pocket Prayer. This well-loved prayer is really a blessing. That same blessing can be purchased as a framed wall hanging. The blessing is hand-lettered and adorned with Celtic design. Whether putting his hand in his pocket or glancing up at his office or study wall, these words of prayer and blessing will encourage all day long.

Unique Father’s Day gifts don’t stop there, of course. There is a terrific Life Compass Silver-Plated Key Chain with a great back story. The compass refers to the parting words of wisdom a father gave to his college-bound son. Visit The Printery House website to read the whole story. The important thing about choosing a gift for your dad, is to find a way to say Thank You that resonates with him and lets him know how his life of faith has made an impact on yours.

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