Want to Send Religious Greeting Cards? Here’s What Might be Stopping You

Thank you religious greeting cards
God Loves a Cheerful Giver

The mailbox can be a surprise – you never know what will be inside. Of course, there are bound to be bills, and some advertising, but there is always hope that it just might hold something really fun too.

Knowing how we all secretly yearn for a piece of personal mail should motivate us to be more intentional about sending notes, cards and letters, but there could be a number of reasons we don’t do it more than we do. Here are some common excuses and how to overcome them.

I don’t think about writing until it is too late

First of all, it could mean that we are just out of the habit of writing and sending things like thank you notes. Deciding to do it will help us to re-establish the habit and we will start to think of it. Secondly, it does happen that things sneak up on us so we may need to use some of the tools available. Electronic reminders sent to your computer can help you remember important events like birthdays and anniversaries. Lastly, keep in mind that it is always better to send that thank you note, religious greeting card, or birthday card late than to not send it at all.

I don’t have anything on hand when I do think about it

This is a common problem, but one that is easily remedied. Choose a place where you can keep a stash of stationery, organize your birthday cards and religious greeting cards so that they are on hand when you need them. You can buy most cards in boxed sets so that you have a bunch ready to go. Guys often don’t enjoy picking out these supplies, so why not include them as gifts when the next occasion arises. Guys often prefer plain note cards, monogrammed note paper or unadorned thank you notes.

I don’t know what to write

Even when we’re prepared, it can be tough to think of what to say. An email saying thanks seems simpler, but writing out the words will mean so much more. For thank you cards, mention why you enjoyed the time together or how you will use the gift. Greeting cards can mention something you enjoyed during your last visit together or something you anticipate about the next time you will see the person. Religious greeting cards can make note of a prayer you pray for the person.

Having a plan to remind you to write, keeping supplies on hand and personalizing the note with one or two lines are simple steps toward developing a writing habit. An easy way to stay stocked is to shop online at stationery suppliers like The Printery House. Send a surprise to someone’s mailbox soon.


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