A Christian Gift Store With the Monks’ Touch – Meet the Printery House

Christian Gift StoresIf you’re looking for a Christian gift store where the cards and products have genuine meaning, and a real story behind them, meet the monks at The Printery House.

The Printery House is an apostolic work of the monks and employees of Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery situated in the rolling farmlands of northwest Missouri. Their mission is to proclaim the Gospel and share the Christian faith through the creation and distribution of printed products and contemporary religious art.

In choosing a Christian card or gift from The Printery House, you share in the apostolic labors of the monks of Conception Abbey. Since 1873, the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey have been committed to a life of prayer and work. Five times each day they come together for the Liturgy of the Hours, the public prayers of the church. At midday they gather to celebrate the Eucharist. The rest of the day is devoted to works in service to the church.

Prayer and work is the mission of the Printery House; the beautiful cards and gifts offered by this online Christian gift store are just one demonstration of this mission. In fact, the artists and monks who share their gifts there have been creating hand-lettered and hand-drawn designs for 60 years. Their products have shipped all over the nation and the world, and cards are all printed on-site – coming from one of the few “made in the USA” Christian gift stores. Together they publish Christian greeting cards, stationery, prayer cards, icons, and other items related to faith.

Some designs are created by monks; others are created by freelance artists. The quality of the art is very important to the continued success of the Printery House, not only by helping retain customer interest through new products, but also by helping spread the Good News of God’s love through the printed word and quality Christian art. The monks also operate and staff Conception Seminary College, where young men come to prepare for priestly service in the Catholic Church.

Sending a Holy card, prayer card or note of encouragement from The Printery House is more than just a card; it’s a message to a friend or loved one that you are sending something you truly believe in. You are also invited to experience the spiritual beauty of the renewed Basilica at Conception Abbey and to visit the AbbeyGuestCenter.