Inspirational Gifts That Encourage Your Child to Pray

Prayer Dice
Bedtime Prayers Die

A wise man once said that unless you have a specific destination you will never know when you have arrived. It is definitely like that with raising children. There are lots of goals that parents set for their children, of course. We want them to be diligent and polite, to be caring and grateful. If we are Christians, we also care about whether or not they take the baton of faith and carry it.

Part of raising children to be people of faith is helping them to grow in their faith. We want our children to find joy in things like prayer and bible reading, church attendance and other ways of walking out their faith.

Here are some inspirational gifts and ideas that we’ve come across to help guide your child toward the regular practice of prayer.

1. Have the child paint a rock. Place the painted rock on the child’s pillow. At bedtime, the rock is a reminder to prayer before laying down his/her head to sleep. The rock goes on the nightstand until morning. When the bed gets made, the rock goes back on the pillow as a reminder the following evening.

2. Have a family concert of prayer once per week. Give your child a journal and have them keep a record of the Lord’s answers “yes”, “no” or “wait”. Then, from time to time, as a family go over the answers.

3. Adopt a missionary. Pray over the missionary’s requests with your child and encourage them to do so on their own as well. Point out news stories relative to the missionary’s country of service. Eat foods from the missionary’s country and have each family member pray for the work after dinner. Inspirational gifts might include something that comes from the country and sits on the dresser to remind the child of missionary endeavors.

4. Tell your child the difference between recited prayer, extended personal prayer and arrow prayers. All are important forms of talking with God. Formal written prayers teach us to think and pray in new and often deeper ways. Personal prayer times should be a daily appointment we keep with the Lord. Arrow prayers are the one we shoot up quickly to heaven, often silently. They can be thanks to Him for the delight of an ice cream cone. If you hear an ambulance siren you can shoot up a prayer for healing and the opportunity to hear the gospel.

5. Have family members each write a prayer concern on a slip of paper each month. Then each person chooses a slip of paper and that is the request they pray for during the month.

There are so many ways to teach kids the importance of prayer. Inspirational gifts such as special books for Lent or First Communion often contain special prayers children can learn and use. The Printery House also offers prayer blocks. These blocks have table prayers and bedtime prayers written on each face so the child can make a game out of choosing a prayer at mealtime or bedtime. The important thing is to be intentional. You need to aim for a prayer habit and then take steps to get there.