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Religious Greeting Cards Sent to Encourage and Uplift: Starting a Card Ministry



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In Your Doctor’s Best Advice

As nice as it is to get a surprise text from a friend during the day or discover an encouraging email in our inbox, there is still something extra-special about receiving a card in the mailbox. Perhaps we never fully outgrow our thrill over receiving gifts or maybe it’s just because cards and letters are expressions of love we can hold in our hands, but the fact remains – giving and receiving cards is meaningful in a way that digital communications may fall short.

When we want to let that other person know we are thinking of them and hope to breathe some new life into their heart, religious greeting cards can be just what the doctor ordered. Because they contain the life-giving words of Scripture, they contain powerful messages of love, hope or courage all on their own. Our few penned words jotted on the inside just seem to help the person take the eternally true Word of God into their heart as a personal gift.

One of the blessings of sending religious greeting cards is that it isn’t about us knowing exactly what to say, it’s about putting God’s words in another person’s path. Sometimes we don’t know what to say when a person has lost a loved one, has a family crisis or is dealing with challenges at work. But sending a card with God’s truth is much like taking our friend’s hand and placing it into the hand of God. We give them someone strong to hold onto when there are no human answers.

Other times people just need a good smile. When we can’t be there in person to produce a smile, cards can do the trick. Christian cards are not always serious; sometimes they are whimsical and funny. Oftentimes they can be sent for no other reason than to enclose a little ray of sunshine in an envelope to brighten another person’s day.

If you are looking for a way to minister God’s truth and hope to others, starting a card ministry could be one avenue for outreach. A card ministry can be formalized, meaning there is a group of people committed to card-writing with a system for who will write to whom and when. But a card ministry can also be a solo operation. Just you, your pen and a roll of stamps!

Maybe it’s been on your heart to take on a more active role in your church or community, but you weren’t sure what it might look like. It could be that God has a card ministry in mind for you. If you’re looking for religious greeting cards to send, The Printery House offers a wide range of cards for all sorts of occasions. Take some time to browse our site and with a few clicks of the mouse you will be set for an exciting ministry that touches lives with the hope of Christ.

Online Christian Stores Offer Gifts the Bride and Groom Will Treasure

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“Bless This Home” Wall Plaque

If you are fortunate enough to have the pleasure of attending a summer wedding this year, be thankful.

The weather is usually the least of a wedding guest’s worries, of course. Coming up with a gift that really means something to the couple is much tougher than choosing wedding attire that will work whether the sun is blazing or the breeze is blowing. Many modern blogs on the subject assume that newlyweds will be wowed by luxury items, large cash envelopes, or one-of-a-kind giftings. But for the sincere Christian couple, online Christian stores offer presents that appeal to their faith, are distinctive and are cost-friendly as well.

If the new couple will have a yard, no matter how small, it can be a nice idea to give them something for their outdoor space. You can find handsome garden stones and statuary with simple words like “Bless This House” that never go out of fashion. Catholic couples might enjoy a St Francis bird bath. St Francis was an amazing 12th century Christian who was so enraptured by the gospel that he shared it with everyone – supposedly even small animals and birds!

Newly-married couples will be setting up house together and what better expression of your support than the gift of a doorknocker? Especially one that bears the famous words of Joshua 24:15 As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Great verses like these can also be purchased as wall art for inside the home. If you prefer the
subtler approach, online Christian stores typically stock a wide array of attractive resin plaques that rest on easels with faith-encouraging messages like Preach the Gospel at all times; use words if necessary.

Most Christian couples would be grateful to receive gifts that help them celebrate important holidays like Christmas too. Nativity sets make unique and treasured gifts for the bride and groom. You can find crèches in all sorts of sizes and styles, some large enough for a mantle or placing under the tree, others ideal for gracing the center of a dining table.

One last suggestion is to order some personalized stationary for the couple. They will have a lot of thank you notes to mail out and, let’s face it, there is a certain charm about seeing your names linked together and officially printed on your own stationary.

Many of these gift ideas and plenty of others can be found at The Printery House. You might take a few minutes and check them out our products to find something the bride and groom will love. Oh, and in terms of the weather, you might consider dressing
for hot weather but bringing along a pretty shawl or sweater, just in case. Men, you’re on your own.

Think a Card is Just a Card? Unique Ways to Use Religious Greeting Cards

Profession Anniversary Card
Congratulations on Your Profession Anniversary

There’s nothing like opening the mailbox to see a handwritten envelope and finding a beautiful message of faith, especially when you’ve had a tough week and need a little distraction. If you’re someone who gets inspired by prayer and scripture, finding a religious greeting card in the mailbox is even more special.

There are several ways to use a religious greeting card aside from just sending one for get well or sympathy:

For no reason at all. Try sending one with a note of scripture just to tell someone you’re thinking of them, or for no reason at all other than to make them smile. After all, God is full of His own surprises and loves to see us smile and celebrate life. This is a way to model His love and the thousands of thoughts He has for us.

For someone who is struggling with their faith walk. Send a card to share your faith when you think someone is “on the fence” with their own spiritual walk. All believers go through a dry spell from time to time when they feel disconnected from God; sending a card with a handwritten note or your own favorite scripture may remind them of His great love.

Service in a religious occupation, or as a volunteer. You can also use a card with scripture or a biblical picture to help someone celebrate their religious profession anniversary. Cards for religious profession, and those for anniversary of religious profession, are an excellent way to celebrate and honor those who have made vows in religious orders. Note: It’s also no small thing to honor a Sunday School teacher or church volunteer who continues to give of their talents – this is another great opportunity to send a card. Don’t forget volunteers at your children’s school, as well.

To honor a pet that has passed away. An idea that’s growing in importance and meaning is to officially honor friends or family who have lost a pet. This is a perfect chance to send a card with a special message of faith and hope as they grieve the loss of their cherished pet. It will be a sentiment the recipient won’t soon forget.

No matter your reason for sending religious greeting cards, make a commitment today to send a few each month. You’ll find that it’s fun and rewarding – both for you and your children to help with. Beautiful, monastic-made cards from The Printery House are sure to encourage you to get the task done cheerfully. All cards are made on site by monks and artists at The Printery House, celebrating 60 years this year!


Religious Celebrations Honor the Royal Baby: Christening Soon to Come

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A Baptismal Day Prayer

It’s a boy! The wait for another heir to the British throne was answered last week with the arrival of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge’s bundle of joy. This precious child was ushered into the world accompanied by the devoted prayers of 600 Westminster Abbey parishioners and clergy. Three plus hours of pealing bells announced that God had answered with a safe arrival. Bells were rung far beyond the squares of London. All across the U.K. church bells sang out in honor of the young prince.

Eagerness to know if another male heir had been produced was quickly replaced by curiosity over what the third in line to the British throne would be named. Wagers were placed, possibly across the globe, on best guesses for names. Speculation ended only when it was announced that the new royal would bear the name George Alexander Louis. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge to be precise.

The Anglican priest who married Prince William and Kate Middleton was happy to share in announcing Prince George’s birth. He told reporters that every newborn is a symbol of hope and that the royal baby represents hope magnified. The church is full of celebration and ceremonies which acknowledge that hope. Prayer and bell ringing are just the start. Sometime in the coming months, His Royal Highness will be dedicated to the faith by his parents in a private christening ceremony.

The christening is expected to take place in the time-honored location which is the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. There, a 172-year old baptismal font is filled with water from the Jordan River. Tradition also would require that the brief liturgy and ceremony be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. But Prince William and the Duchess are already becoming known as royals who opt for the simple over the opulent and so it is also speculated that that it might take place in a small chapel at Windsor Castle.

The newest royal has been greeted by ringing bells, firing cannons, Facebook posts, and numberless tweets. But gathered together on the day of his christening will be the people closest to his parents and those who will take an active role in helping the baby to grow into a man who could one day wear the crown of Britain, 15 Commonwealth countries and be head of the Church of England.

If you are invited to a baby christening any time soon, keep in mind that you are participating in a church tradition shared by the powerful and the humble alike. Christians around the world celebrate the hope of new birth in similar fashion, with time honored traditions. Always it is a special day regardless of earthly station. The beautiful aspect of each and every christening is presenting a fresh new life to the King of Kings whose crown never fades and whose kingdom encompasses all the earth.

You don’t need to fire a cannon or man the bell tower to celebrate. Honoring the occasion with a special gift is also a way to celebrate such a momentous event. Look for christening gifts and cards here at The Printery House, we have a large selection of items to choose from-to help you celebrate in a manner fit for a prince.