Religious Celebrations Honor the Royal Baby: Christening Soon to Come

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It’s a boy! The wait for another heir to the British throne was answered last week with the arrival of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge’s bundle of joy. This precious child was ushered into the world accompanied by the devoted prayers of 600 Westminster Abbey parishioners and clergy. Three plus hours of pealing bells announced that God had answered with a safe arrival. Bells were rung far beyond the squares of London. All across the U.K. church bells sang out in honor of the young prince.

Eagerness to know if another male heir had been produced was quickly replaced by curiosity over what the third in line to the British throne would be named. Wagers were placed, possibly across the globe, on best guesses for names. Speculation ended only when it was announced that the new royal would bear the name George Alexander Louis. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge to be precise.

The Anglican priest who married Prince William and Kate Middleton was happy to share in announcing Prince George’s birth. He told reporters that every newborn is a symbol of hope and that the royal baby represents hope magnified. The church is full of celebration and ceremonies which acknowledge that hope. Prayer and bell ringing are just the start. Sometime in the coming months, His Royal Highness will be dedicated to the faith by his parents in a private christening ceremony.

The christening is expected to take place in the time-honored location which is the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. There, a 172-year old baptismal font is filled with water from the Jordan River. Tradition also would require that the brief liturgy and ceremony be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. But Prince William and the Duchess are already becoming known as royals who opt for the simple over the opulent and so it is also speculated that that it might take place in a small chapel at Windsor Castle.

The newest royal has been greeted by ringing bells, firing cannons, Facebook posts, and numberless tweets. But gathered together on the day of his christening will be the people closest to his parents and those who will take an active role in helping the baby to grow into a man who could one day wear the crown of Britain, 15 Commonwealth countries and be head of the Church of England.

If you are invited to a baby christening any time soon, keep in mind that you are participating in a church tradition shared by the powerful and the humble alike. Christians around the world celebrate the hope of new birth in similar fashion, with time honored traditions. Always it is a special day regardless of earthly station. The beautiful aspect of each and every christening is presenting a fresh new life to the King of Kings whose crown never fades and whose kingdom encompasses all the earth.

You don’t need to fire a cannon or man the bell tower to celebrate. Honoring the occasion with a special gift is also a way to celebrate such a momentous event. Look for christening gifts and cards here at The Printery House, we have a large selection of items to choose from-to help you celebrate in a manner fit for a prince.


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    Our readers should also know that in the Catholic tradition and some other Christian traditions, what some call Christening is known as the Sacrament of Baptism. The Printery House has many Baptism cards to choose from, but only one that uses the term “Christening.” These cards are found here:

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