Religious Greeting Cards Sent to Encourage and Uplift: Starting a Card Ministry


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As nice as it is to get a surprise text from a friend during the day or discover an encouraging email in our inbox, there is still something extra-special about receiving a card in the mailbox. Perhaps we never fully outgrow our thrill over receiving gifts or maybe it’s just because cards and letters are expressions of love we can hold in our hands, but the fact remains – giving and receiving cards is meaningful in a way that digital communications may fall short.

When we want to let that other person know we are thinking of them and hope to breathe some new life into their heart, religious greeting cards can be just what the doctor ordered. Because they contain the life-giving words of Scripture, they contain powerful messages of love, hope or courage all on their own. Our few penned words jotted on the inside just seem to help the person take the eternally true Word of God into their heart as a personal gift.

One of the blessings of sending religious greeting cards is that it isn’t about us knowing exactly what to say, it’s about putting God’s words in another person’s path. Sometimes we don’t know what to say when a person has lost a loved one, has a family crisis or is dealing with challenges at work. But sending a card with God’s truth is much like taking our friend’s hand and placing it into the hand of God. We give them someone strong to hold onto when there are no human answers.

Other times people just need a good smile. When we can’t be there in person to produce a smile, cards can do the trick. Christian cards are not always serious; sometimes they are whimsical and funny. Oftentimes they can be sent for no other reason than to enclose a little ray of sunshine in an envelope to brighten another person’s day.

If you are looking for a way to minister God’s truth and hope to others, starting a card ministry could be one avenue for outreach. A card ministry can be formalized, meaning there is a group of people committed to card-writing with a system for who will write to whom and when. But a card ministry can also be a solo operation. Just you, your pen and a roll of stamps!

Maybe it’s been on your heart to take on a more active role in your church or community, but you weren’t sure what it might look like. It could be that God has a card ministry in mind for you. If you’re looking for religious greeting cards to send, The Printery House offers a wide range of cards for all sorts of occasions. Take some time to browse our site and with a few clicks of the mouse you will be set for an exciting ministry that touches lives with the hope of Christ.


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