Share a Message of Thankfulness With a Religious Thank You Card

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With a Joyful Heart

Take a moment and think about last week. Did someone do something nice for you? Maybe they called in the middle of a hard day and managed to cheer you up. Perhaps they covered for you at work or church while you were away. Maybe they picked you up from the airport, helped you move or gave you a birthday gift. What have you done to let them know how grateful you are for the way they blessed you?

Our instantaneous world still has need of personal communication. A message of thankfulness written out on a note card means a lot. Let’s face it, people are slower than machines, pens move slower than keyboards, and that is precisely why a handwritten note of thanks is so valuable.

The person who receives your note of thanks knows that it cost you a few extras to send it. A few extra minutes to choose a card versus sending a word of thanks via email. A few extra moments to compose your thoughts and write them down. And a little extra effort to address, stamp and put the note in a physical mailbox.

Of course one other extra to the handwritten thank you card is the extra time set aside for reading it. Unlike an email message which arrives in the midst of a busy workday and does not require the reader to ever leave his or her desk, the tangible note is obtained only when the person goes to the mailbox. Then it invites the recipient to sit down in a comfortable chair and savor the pleasure of reading – away from all the chores and responsibilities of the day.

A religious thank you card is ideal for the person who shares their faith with the recipient or the Christian who desires to subtly introduce Jesus into the conversation. Whoever is on the receiving end, sending a thank you note is also good manners. Even today, and perhaps more so today than ever, good manners are a means of conveying respect, love and caring for other people.

Most people today who don’t send a handwritten word of thanks say it is because it takes too much time or they forget. The Printery House sells religious thank you cards, assorted all-occasion cards, and cards which are blank on the inside just waiting for your message. If you buy cards ahead of time, they will be on hand when you want to jot down your gratitude.

And a thank you note does not require a great deal of time to write. It is not necessary to write a long story about life events in a thank you card. The point is to express gratefulness to the other person. A couple of sentences will suffice. If you send a religious thank you card, there is a perfect springboard for a few short lines of telling how the other person blessed you.

The importance of thanking another person with handwritten words is real. A note is substantive in several ways that digital communication can never be. Check out the religious thank you cards for sale at The Printery House and stock up today so you will be ready the next time someone does you a kindness.


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