Think a Card is Just a Card? Unique Ways to Use Religious Greeting Cards

Profession Anniversary Card
Congratulations on Your Profession Anniversary

There’s nothing like opening the mailbox to see a handwritten envelope and finding a beautiful message of faith, especially when you’ve had a tough week and need a little distraction. If you’re someone who gets inspired by prayer and scripture, finding a religious greeting card in the mailbox is even more special.

There are several ways to use a religious greeting card aside from just sending one for get well or sympathy:

For no reason at all. Try sending one with a note of scripture just to tell someone you’re thinking of them, or for no reason at all other than to make them smile. After all, God is full of His own surprises and loves to see us smile and celebrate life. This is a way to model His love and the thousands of thoughts He has for us.

For someone who is struggling with their faith walk. Send a card to share your faith when you think someone is “on the fence” with their own spiritual walk. All believers go through a dry spell from time to time when they feel disconnected from God; sending a card with a handwritten note or your own favorite scripture may remind them of His great love.

Service in a religious occupation, or as a volunteer. You can also use a card with scripture or a biblical picture to help someone celebrate their religious profession anniversary. Cards for religious profession, and those for anniversary of religious profession, are an excellent way to celebrate and honor those who have made vows in religious orders. Note: It’s also no small thing to honor a Sunday School teacher or church volunteer who continues to give of their talents – this is another great opportunity to send a card. Don’t forget volunteers at your children’s school, as well.

To honor a pet that has passed away. An idea that’s growing in importance and meaning is to officially honor friends or family who have lost a pet. This is a perfect chance to send a card with a special message of faith and hope as they grieve the loss of their cherished pet. It will be a sentiment the recipient won’t soon forget.

No matter your reason for sending religious greeting cards, make a commitment today to send a few each month. You’ll find that it’s fun and rewarding – both for you and your children to help with. Beautiful, monastic-made cards from The Printery House are sure to encourage you to get the task done cheerfully. All cards are made on site by monks and artists at The Printery House, celebrating 60 years this year!