Encouragement From a Care Package: Religious Gift Ideas


Religious Gifts 1
Message Blocks Set of 3

It’s nice to open packages on your birthday and Christmas. It’s fun to receive gifts
at wedding showers and baby showers. But there is a lot of life lived in between those standard gift-giving occasions and, frankly, there are lots of days when a small present could really make the trek a bit more cheerful. An unexpected care package is fun to put together and when you use some of our religious gift ideas, it can also become an opportunity for ministry.

College kids are packing up or have already gone. Moms and dads did their best to fully equip their scholars before they left, but chances are something was forgotten. Put it in a care package along with some other ‘just for fun’ items. Microwave popcorn, a Starbucks gift card and a daily devotional that takes just a minute or two to read (Jesus Calling is one example) and a bottle of multivitamins turn a school-supply package into
a hug-from-home.

When friends are feeling under the weather or are recovering from surgery, it’s a great time for a care package. The package can start with a great Get Well card that includes words from Scripture. But your sick friend might enjoy getting a new Christian music CD along with some tea bags. You could go one step further and whip up a batch of Russian tea mix and tuck that inside.

A friend’s (or co-worker’s) move is another care package opportunity. Along with a home made casserole – if the person lives in town, these care packages could include a book of Blessings and Prayers, message blocks that read Peace To This House, or lovely hand-crafted soaps.

Just Because care packages are perhaps the most fun to assemble. They can include religious gift ideas such as a new journal, a book of printed prayers or a Psalter, bookmarks with bible verses printed on them, or a printed copy of your favorite Christian blog post. If your friend likes to cook, send along a new kitchen gadget, a great new recipe and a stack of recipe cards.

If your friend is musical send an iTunes gift card, new earphones and the printed words to a favorite hymn or praise chorus. Some friends share our passions for things like chocolate or coffee. Chocolate-covered coffee beans, small packages of flavored coffees and a decadent chocolate bar would make anyone’s day better.

Care packages for in-town delivery can include fresh or frozen food items. For loved ones too far to visit in person, consider wrapping each little item individually and tying it with a pretty bow to make the experience last. Use enough bubble pack/peanuts/crumpled newspaper to protect the items you send.

Finally, it isn’t only the religious gift ideas you come up with that will make your care package meaningful. It will also be the prayer that you pray over the package before you mail it or deliver it that will bring blessing. If you need some religious gift
inspiration, visit The Printery House and find your own ideas for creating your one-of-a-kind care package.