Religious Thank You Card: Take Time to be Thankful

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Think for a moment and count up how many times you’ve said the words ‘Thank You’ in
the past 48 hours. My guess is that your words do not begin to come close to matching the actual number of blessings in your life. For example, if you are reading this blog, you can be thankful for the gift of sight. If you were deprived of sight for even one day, you would quickly appreciate it more than you do. Or how about this – have you enjoyed a meal today? Have you thanked God for the taste buds He gave you? Food didn’t have to taste delicious to us, but God blessed us with that pleasure.

This taking time to be thankful should extend to other people as well, and that is how we can play a role in recapturing an attitude of thankfulness. God deserves our thanks first and foremost, but there are so many missed opportunities when we could be thanking others too. A few years back, one man decided to write a Thank You note to someone each day for a year. Those notes became a book about how the practice transformed his life. Without doubt those who received his notes were also impacted.

A religious thank you card is particularly great in this regard because it acknowledges the blessing of the other person and includes God at the same time. If you consider
for even a few moments, there are so many people who make your day a delight. Your pastor or priest, your Sunday school teacher, your child’s soccer coach, even the friendly server at the coffee shop all contribute to your life in some way.

In fact, you could send a religious thank you card to just about everyone in your life. Your neighbor who keeps his yard up, the mailman who never fails rain or shine, your co-worker who shares paper clips and the grown child who calls every week just to visit. Even the person who has an opinion different from yours helps you to be a better thinker and broadens your world.

Have you ever found yourself in bed at night and thanking God for the fun of lightning bugs and the song of the crickets, think about how much we have to be thankful for. We could do so much better at thanking others around us – if we would take the time to do it. The good news is that big changes usually start small. Take some time to browse through our thank you cards at The Printery House, buy some stationery, and take some time today (and every day) to send a eligious thank you card to at least one person for the way they enrich your life.