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Send an Inspirational Card to Encourage Someone During a Difficult Time


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Encouragement and Praying For You Cards

That first contact with someone who has experienced a family tragedy can be difficult especially when you run into him or her unexpectedly and you don’t have the right words to say. It’s totally natural because you don’t want to say the wrong thing. In many cases, you don’t have a clue what the right things to say might be.

Think about the times in your life when you have lost someone you care about or maybe just went through a personal crisis and were feeling distraught. You wanted comfort from your friends and instead were met with silence because they didn’t know what to say. What words of comfort did you want to hear?

Some of the most difficult times in a person’s life is when they experience the death of a loved one. The bereaved struggle with depression, guilt, anger and a variety of emotions that are difficult to live with. The bereaved often feel isolated and alone. It’s important for those who count themselves as friends of the bereaved to reach out in any way they can.

Having the courage to reach out is difficult, but it can be as simple as dropping a note in the mailbox. A note, even from a stranger, can plant a seed of hope in an otherwise bottomless pit of despair. An inspirational card can be the catalyst for a turning point where grief is replaced with hope.

An inspirational card might contain one sentence, but a powerful one that says you’re thinking about that person or that you are happy that person is a part of your life. A note that tells them you’re there to listen is also a powerful message – sitting in silence and listening to what the bereaved have to say is something that psychologists say is an important step in helping someone who is going through a tough time.

An inspirational card is something that can be sent over the long haul as a person goes through the grieving cycle and needs the continued support of friends. You don’t have to come up with just the right words, the card conveys that you care, that you are thinking about them and that you are lifting them up in prayers.

The Printery House offers cards and gifts for every occasion, including for someone who is grieving. The company offers sympathy and condolences that focus on God’s peace in difficult times. The monks and employees of Conception Abbey produce beautifully crafted cards featuring contemporary religious art that will bring a message of cheer to someone who is hurting.

Got Five Minutes? Send a Card to Caleb During the First Printery House Card Party

Caleb 1Not sure what you’ll need to get done today? Take five minutes to send a note of encouragement to Caleb Adwell, who is fighting a brave battle against a rare form of cancer. As part of the first “Cards for Caleb Card Party,” your note can help flood his mailbox with hope. It might be the most impactful five minutes you’ll spend today.

The 15-year old of Ravenwood, Mo., a small community near Maryville, Mo., has a pair of malignant non-germinomatous germ cell tumors. This rare type of germ cell tumor can also secrete chemicals into the spinal fluid, resulting in the need for more aggressive cancer treatments. The tumor in the brain has impacted Caleb’s vision and led to severe headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. Caleb is receiving treatment at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and is likely to be there for an extended period.

“The most challenging part of working through treatments has been all the unexpected setbacks we have had,” says Jennifer Adwell. “Caleb has seizures, weight loss, energy loss, weakness in swallowing and also in his shoulders, double/blurry vision, and difficulty speaking.”

During November and December, The Printery House, an apostolic work of the monks and employees of nearby Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in northwest Missouri, is hosting “Cards For Caleb: A Card Party with The Printery House.” The goal is to encourage fans and friends of The Printery House to flood Caleb’s mailbox with cards of hope. From now through mid-December, send a card or two to Caleb Adwell, and ask your friends and family to do the same. There’s something about receiving a card with a handwritten message that makes a difference, and you’re invited to participate.

Meet Caleb:
Caleb is a lot like many other teens, enjoying time on his computer, or outside playing with his dog (a blue heeler), Chance. At school, Caleb enjoys hanging out with his classmates. Math is his favorite subject, and his parents, Shane and Jennifer Adwell, say he is naturally gifted with a mathematical mind. Caleb isn’t sure yet what he wants to be when he grows up, but his parents think he will probably choose something in the computers field.

Where would Caleb go if he took a vacation?
He’d go to Hawaii, says his mom. Locally, she says he enjoys Mozingo Lake. In nearby Maryville, he enjoys the movie theater, bowling alley, and lots of places to eat out.

Who inspires Caleb?
Caleb was baptized on July 23, 2013, out in the mountains of Colorado on a church youth group trip called N.Y.R. (National Youth Roundup). He has been raised in the church, and influenced by his parents, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Group Sponsors, and the family’s ministers at church.

“All of these people have inspired him in one way or another,” says Jennifer Adwell, Caleb’s mom.
What can you do?
Send a note of cheer, hope or encouragement to Caleb Adwell today – together we can fill his mailbox with loving thoughts and prayers. Send one on your own, or choose from a card made by the monks and artists at the nearby Printery House, a business operated by the monks of Conception Abbey.

(Note: Any card is encouraged; if you choose a card from The Printery House, enter the code FORCALEB to receive a special 20 percent discount. Send cards to: Caleb Adwell, 121 E Bishop, Ravenwood, Mo., 64479.

The Difference a Birthday Card Can Make: An Inspiring Story of Encouragement


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Each Birthday is a Blessing

Have you ever received a birthday card that just seemed to wipe away the clouds and brighten your entire day? Can you imagine receiving more than 700 of them? You could if you were four year old Henry Hallam.

Little Henry’s story appeared in a September issue of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. The article described how the youngster turned four on August 30 in a bed at the Bristol Hospital for Children. Henry is in the hospital because he has a serious childhood cancer known as neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma affects around 100 children in Britain
each year, usually before they have their fifth birthday. The disease is treatable if caught early, but even if caught and treated, comes back 40 to 60 percent of the time – after which the survival rate drops to five percent.

Henry’s parents decided to make this birthday memorable for him and they asked people to send Henry a birthday card, hoping to gather enough to set a world record for birthday cards received. At the time that the Daily Mail article appeared, Henry had received 700 cards from all around the world. Mom and dad are in the process of contacting the Guinness World Record people to see if Henry will make it into the record book.

Henry and his parents say they are opening and reading every single card Henry receives and that it has encouraged them greatly to have so much love and support sent their way. Now the family is waiting to find out if the treatments he has been receiving have been able to rid his body of the cancer. Meanwhile, more cards continue to arrive in their mailbox.

The British story highlights how meaningful something as simple as a birthday card can be. It would just not be the same if little Henry was receiving 700 emailed birthday greetings. Those cards are tangible expressions of support. Henry can look at them and feel the love of people from places he’ll likely never visit. It took the family two days just to read the ones they’d received so far. The stamps from far away…the words written….they all communicated something that could never be translated to a computer monitor.

Maybe you don’t know anyone with an aggressive childhood cancer who is trying to set a world record, but you do know plenty of ordinary people who also need a tangible expression of support. The truth is that most people are walking around with a deep hurt inside them that they don’t want others to see. Your sister, your co-worker, your brother-in-law – they all look just fine, and perhaps they are. But it’s just as likely that they are carrying around a hidden wound.

Wouldn’t it be great to break through with an encouraging token of love in a simple birthday card? Birthday cards can be silly, serious, or funny. You can find Christian birthday cards and pop-up cards, even cards that play music. But if four year old Henry Hallam’s story tells us anything, it’s that something as simple as a birthday card can be transforming. Check out the Christian birthday cards available at The Printery
and change a few lives around you soon.

Experiencing Fear? Five Great Religious Items to Share Peace, Hope

Music Box 1

Peace Music Box

More than 200 different people in the Bible say they felt fear. What can you do today to help put your fears to rest and replace them with Christ’s peace?

It’s a very important question. Dr. David Jeremiah shares these powerful stories of fears faced and overcome in a recent book, “What Are You Afraid Of?” In a recent interview about the book, Dr. Jeremiah reminds us that God is always in charge, and He always knows the answer even when things seem uncertain. He can also identify with and handle our fears because He made it a point to express stories about fear across the scriptures and to repeat the statement “fear not” multiple times.

If you’re experiencing fear, or have a friend or family member who is, encourage them today with specific religious items meant to remind and inspire with the reality that God is in charge and He is with us in every step.

Religious items to help a friend or family member find peace in the midst of fear include:

1. A beautiful music box. A music box can be a soothing reminder of God’s love. New from The Printery House is a Peace Music Box, which plays “Silent Night” and reminds us throughout the year that Christ offers a wonderful kind of peace.

2. A comfort cross. A simple wood-carved cross is great to hold during times of prayer or meditation. Some have a unique source, such as the Comfort Cross made of olive tree wood found near the areas of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It fits in the palm of your hand and can be carried anywhere as a gentle reminder that God is bigger than fear.

3. A cheerful message block. A message block that depicts a scripture about peace, faith or trust in God is a great religious item to give to a friend who needs some special encouragement.

4. A hand-designed card. Send a message of hope and inspiration along with a religious item to share the message that God understands our needs and wants to show His love and compassion.

5. Shield of Faith necklace. With the inscription “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go,” Joshua 1:9B, this stainless steel necklace will be a treasured source of peace for years to come.

The Printery House, set in the rolling hills of Conception Abbey in northwest Missouri, offers a large selection of unique religious items along with monastic-made greeting cards. Let them help you remind yourself or a loved one that God did not give us a spirit of fear. Encourage someone today!