Holy Cards, Your Bible and a Rosary: Creating a Prayer Corner

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The Beatitudes

It has been said that a person will be no more powerful for Christ in public than they are with Him in private (through prayer and bible study). We want to be these kinds of powerful witnesses for Christ, but most of us struggle.

Establishing a prayer habit is a spiritual endeavor but, in fact, it is a habit that can be formed just like any other habit. Conventional wisdom says that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. Thus, with a little forethought and planning a new habit of devotion can developed in just about a month.

Some people are morning people and some are night owls. It doesn’t matter what time of day you choose but in order to make your prayer time a regular habit, it needs to be a time of day when you can be faithful. For most people, early morning will be the best time for a regular prayer appointment.

Once you’ve chosen when to meet God in prayer, you can next choose an appropriate place. The Lord admonishes us in Matthew 6 to have a quiet and private place for prayer. That doesn’t mean that we have to go into a literal closet, but it does mean that our prayer time needs to be protected from outside disturbances.

A prayer closet, or prayer corner, is the place you set up to help you make prayer a regular habit. Maybe it’s a comfortable chair in the living room. Perhaps it works best for you to have your prayer time sitting in bed before you get up or just before you go to sleep. Some have their prayer time at a desk each day. It just needs to be someplace that you designate as your regular meeting place with God.

Wherever you establish your prayer corner, it needs to have a few things handy. On a table, in a drawer or in a basket on the floor nearby, you will want to keep your Bible, a pen, a notebook and other helps like a rosary or Holy Cards. Then have a plan for how you will use these things to help you become more prayerful.

You could have a schedule of 15 minutes spent reading the Bible followed by 10 minutes of prayer each day. You could choose one day to pray from the book of church prayers. Some people pray the words from a hymnal or Psalter. Holy Cards are great devotional aids, since they often not only have the stories of inspiring saints, but words of prayer as well.

The important thing is to have a special place and time where you have an unbreakable appointment with the Lord. Write down the things that are burdening your heart and the things for which you are thankful in your notebook. Read the prayers of others. Say aloud the rosary.

If you are looking for helps in strengthening this all-important spiritual discipline, visit The Printery House today. There you’ll find rosaries, journals, Holy Cards, books of prayer and so much more. The important thing is to take action. Before long your act of discipline can become your greatest delight and a source of spiritual strength.


2 responses to “Holy Cards, Your Bible and a Rosary: Creating a Prayer Corner”

  1. Walter Marsiglia Avatar
    Walter Marsiglia

    Right now I would like to find an internet location that I could do the Daily morning and evening Christian Prayers with. trying to learn how to read the prayers is very confusing

    1. Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B. Avatar
      Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B.

      There are a couple of good websites that prepare the daily liturgy of the hours:
      http://www.universalis.com/ (free)
      http://www.ebreviary.com/ (subscription required)

      There is also an app for smartphones and tablets called iBreviary that I recommend.

      Once you get used to the format and know what pieces to look for, the normal books are a little easier to use. But with these sites, everything is put together in order for you so you don’t have to flip around. The translations are sometimes different, but that is perfectly fine for personal use.

      Happy praying!