Month: November 2013

Celebrate National Caregivers Month and Send a Christian Greeting Card to a Dedicated Caregiver

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Many Thanks Thank You Card

November is National Caregivers Month. It is a month dedicated to acknowledging the hard work and quiet service that is given to those who have lost the ability to fully care for themselves. Caregivers are usually close family members who are grateful to be able to meet their loved one’s needs.

Most of us will be caregivers at some point or will need to be cared for ourselves, so this is an issue that touches each of us in some way. The most important thing for caregivers to know is that what they do is appreciated, and when it gets hard, there are people to talk to.

This year, the Ad Council and AARP have joined Caregiver Action Network in lending support to the 42 million among us who are providing loving care for someone dear. Studies show that the typical caregiver is a 49 year old female with a job who devotes 20 hours every week to caring for a mother – usually for five years.

Why is it?
When the person in need is a family member or close friend, people often don’t view themselves in terms of “caregiver”. They are just quietly doing what needs to be done with grace and love. However, being a caregiver means wearing many different hats. Often the caregiver becomes nurse, personal secretary, cook, chauffer, housekeeper and confidante. Although the majority of caregivers view their position as a privilege, the demands of the role still take a toll.

AARP research showed:

  • 52 percent of caregivers are proud to help
  • 44 percent said they didn’t feel they could share their own burdens with anyone
  • 40 percent reported getting less sleep
  • 33 percent said they were depressed
  • 30 percent experienced life changes as a result of their caregiving
  • 20 percent said those changes had been negative

What is it?
Last year (2012) AARP sponsored ads that highlighted the challenges faced by women caring for a loved one with a disability, chronic health problem or old age. Those ads gave women and other caregivers a link to helpful resources through the AARP website.

This year new advertising will play across all mediums in both Spanish and English. The hope is that with a blitz approach, Americans will strike up a national conversation about how to better support those in the role of caregiver.

How can I participate?
The national campaign is also using social media to help get out the message that being a caregiver is important and valued. The “Thanks Project” allow visitors to post encouraging notes and pictures which can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter. But there is much more you can do to support a caregiver.

Call a caregiver often. Take them to lunch and invite them to talk. Offer to meet one of their needs. Send a Christian greeting card and tell them how their selfless service mirrors that of Christ.

There’s nothing like a personal note to say “I’m thinking of you and I appreciate you.” The Printery House invites you to check out their online store when you are looking for a Christian greeting card to encourage a caregiver you know. Make sure to send one before November ends.

Religious Gifts For Women That Won’t End up in Next Year’s Yard Sale

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Handmade Soap Gift Set

What do women want when it comes to choosing a gift? Those who live out their faith want gift items to help share that message, and today there are more creative options than ever for the women in your life.

If you’re considering religious gifts for women in your life, such as good friends, mentors, church staff or a child’s teacher, think about the ways a gift can help encourage her throughout her day. A coffee mug with scripture is a good example; another would be a calendar or day planner with reminders of her faith. The best gifts are those that combine faith messages with a practical purpose, so that she’ll appreciate the gift throughout the year.

Here are other examples of religious gifts for women that won’t end up in next year’s yard sale:

1. Candles are always a good choice. A beautiful candle or candle holder can be enjoyed all year long, casting a peaceful glow or bringing energy to a gray day.

2. Wall plaques look great as home décor and work as daily faith reminders. Several Christian wall plaques are available, ranging from those that have encouraging quotes to those that highlight beautiful scriptures from God’s word. They can be a fun accompaniment to any kitchen, living room or bedroom décor for any age.

3. What girl doesn’t love jewelry? Look for jewelry that will remind her of God’s love, such as a bracelet or necklace. From teens to 20-somethings to busy moms, every woman appreciates a little sparkle and it’s even better when it helps build up her faith.

4. Faith-sharing cards are simple and fun to share. Women can carry beautiful and bright faith-sharing cards in their purse to hand out at favorite businesses or when talking with friends. This is a simple way to get a meaningful conversation started.

5. How about a handcrafted scented soap with a story? The Printery House offers handcrafted and lovely scented soaps, complete with rustic packaging and a note of scripture. These soaps are made by nearby Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, Missouri and each includes a drop of holy water and a prayer for the recipient.

Religious gifts for women can be both personal and practical, for any occasion – or just as a gift for no reason at all other than to surprise a friend or family member. Order a selection today from The Printery House, and see the great works of the monks and the employees of Conception Abbey.

This monastery is situated in the rolling lands of northwest Missouri offers quality gift choices for anyone on your list. You’ll be inspired to share these meaningful gifts, and it’s fun to have a selection on-hand for surprising someone.


Saying Thank You to Someone Who Has Been an Encouragement to You: Send a Christian Greeting Card

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So Grateful For You: Thank You Card

It’s easy to take for granted all the little (and big) things that others do to make your life journey more pleasant. What is not so easy is to take some time to recognize how other people are removing stumbling stones from your path and cheering you on from day to day. Being grateful takes intentionality and effort. Yet the rewards of thankfulness are many. And what could be a better time to decide to write out some words of thanks than November, the month of Thanksgiving?

So, this month why not plan to write a few Christian greeting cards to express your gratitude? I say write them because pen and ink communicate gratitude a bit more emphatically than emails and text messages. It takes a bit more time to choose a card and then choose your words and then put them in a mailbox – but that is exactly why they are more valuable to others!

The simplest cards to write are thank you cards for a gift received. Thanks for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts etc. require only an acknowledgement of the gift and then a line or two about how you intend to use or enjoy the gift. Simple right?

But encouragement is a gift as well. Give thanks for how people are impacting your life and don’t take their help for granted. If you give it five or ten minutes of focused thought, you will be able to come up with a list of people who have given you the gift of

It could be the coach of your child’s sports team who always finds something positive to say to your little one. It might be a teacher in your life (this could be at school, at church, in business or in a club). Maybe you’ve been blessed to have a mentor in your life; an older person who has given you wise counsel and advice when situations in your life seemed uncertain. Or maybe someone just had a gentle word when you really needed one.

It would be nice to mention a specific occasion when the person encouraged you, but it isn’t necessary. A general word of thanks for their help is okay. Whenever possible, tell the person how their support or action impacted you in terms of where you are today. If you feel stuck, there are places online where you can even find helpful wording for your card.

Most importantly, it’s never too late to say those words. Thank You. Hebrews 10:25 tells Christians to be ….encouraging one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching. That highlights how important it is to be encouraging others around us. Sending a Christian greeting card to someone who has helped you in a tough situation or lifted your spirits is an easy way to obey that command. Look for a great selection of cards and notes at The Printery House and make this November a month of giving thanks to others.

Lost Touch with a Friend? Speak Your Love Today With a Religious Greeting Card

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Everyday Card Collection Value Pack

Is there a friend in your life you feel you’ve grown apart from? Not sure you want to send a catch-up email, but something more personal to let them know you are thinking about them? Take a minute and send a message that truly makes an impact with a religious greeting card.

Faith-based cards today are even more important as people continue to receive numerous, impersonal text messages or other forms of online communications. For some, this is a typical conversation style – but for others, opening the mailbox to see an actual handwritten card is something they’ll remember for weeks.

Selection and diversity of religious greeting cards continues to improve, and more businesses are joining online marketplaces that make purchasing even easier. Sending a message with a simple line of scripture can plant a seed for relationship repair or give someone a deeper kind of hope than any other type of card. In fact, many cards with faith messages utilize attractive, creative artwork and a message that isn’t overpowering – but instead is just right.

As the season for gratitude and celebration is upon us, a good goal is to make it a point to send three cards each week to encourage someone or let them know you’re thinking of them. They’ll be blessed, but you may be doubly blessed as you put your own thoughts onto paper. Don’t forget to include children; they can draw a picture inside if they can’t write a note yet. They love placing the stamp and walking it to the mailbox.

With a basic card assortment package and a book of stamps, you’re ready to add extra meaning to this season across the miles and you’ll have an opportunity to share your faith if you choose religious greeting cards. Try a card-writing break next time you’re feeling the urge to browse the Internet – you may be surprised at how the simplicity makes you feel. Tuck in a bookmark for an extra surprise.

For beautiful, faith-based, monastic -made cards (still made in the USA) shop The Printery House. The monks and artists in the hills of northwest Missouri design and print the cards on-site, as they have for 60 years. There’s a special kind of meaning there you just can’t find anywhere else. Even better, you won’t have to stand in long retail lines. Simply place your order and you’re ready to change someone’s life. Looking for a wonderful gift idea, a package of cards and a book of stamps also makes a great gift for a child or adult on your list!