Lost Touch with a Friend? Speak Your Love Today With a Religious Greeting Card

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Is there a friend in your life you feel you’ve grown apart from? Not sure you want to send a catch-up email, but something more personal to let them know you are thinking about them? Take a minute and send a message that truly makes an impact with a religious greeting card.

Faith-based cards today are even more important as people continue to receive numerous, impersonal text messages or other forms of online communications. For some, this is a typical conversation style – but for others, opening the mailbox to see an actual handwritten card is something they’ll remember for weeks.

Selection and diversity of religious greeting cards continues to improve, and more businesses are joining online marketplaces that make purchasing even easier. Sending a message with a simple line of scripture can plant a seed for relationship repair or give someone a deeper kind of hope than any other type of card. In fact, many cards with faith messages utilize attractive, creative artwork and a message that isn’t overpowering – but instead is just right.

As the season for gratitude and celebration is upon us, a good goal is to make it a point to send three cards each week to encourage someone or let them know you’re thinking of them. They’ll be blessed, but you may be doubly blessed as you put your own thoughts onto paper. Don’t forget to include children; they can draw a picture inside if they can’t write a note yet. They love placing the stamp and walking it to the mailbox.

With a basic card assortment package and a book of stamps, you’re ready to add extra meaning to this season across the miles and you’ll have an opportunity to share your faith if you choose religious greeting cards. Try a card-writing break next time you’re feeling the urge to browse the Internet – you may be surprised at how the simplicity makes you feel. Tuck in a bookmark for an extra surprise.

For beautiful, faith-based, monastic -made cards (still made in the USA) shop The Printery House. The monks and artists in the hills of northwest Missouri design and print the cards on-site, as they have for 60 years. There’s a special kind of meaning there you just can’t find anywhere else. Even better, you won’t have to stand in long retail lines. Simply place your order and you’re ready to change someone’s life. Looking for a wonderful gift idea, a package of cards and a book of stamps also makes a great gift for a child or adult on your list!