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7 Religious Gift Ideas That Add a Personal Touch to Your Next Women’s Retreat


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Black Raspberry Vanilla Scrub Stuff

It’s easy for women to start feeling isolated and discouraged in this journey of life, so from time to time it’s important to call for a temporary retreat – a time to rejuvenate and help them see that they are not alone and to encourage one another in their Christian faith.

The most important aspects of any Christian retreat are prayer and the Word of God. But if you are considering a women’s retreat for the ladies of your church, there are small touches that can build on those foundations. Including special experiences
or gifts can reinforce the idea that someone cares about each woman and the value of her place in the community of faith.

Think about some of the following religious gift ideas for your upcoming Women’s Retreat:

1. Coffee mug
A mug makes a nice gift, especially if it has a scripture verse that will be highlighted during the Retreat. The mug can be given empty or you can fill it with tea bags, mini coffee pouches, a chocolate- coated spoon or any number of wonderful treats.

2. Bookmark
Whether you’ll be focusing on a particular book of the Bible or another devotional book, help ladies mark their place with a gift just for them.

3. Devotional book
Speaking of devotional books, these always make a great gift and are the natural outflow of a women’s retreat. Quiet time spent together can be followed by quiet time spent alone with Christ.

4. Personal Care Gifts
Gifts that go home and make a woman feel pampered will, in a way, extend her Retreat experience. Giving gifts like scented shower scrub, scented soaps and hand creams will help your ladies think about their time together over and over again.

5. A daily planner/calendar
You have planned a time of retreat, but the women you want to encourage will need to re-engage the world very soon. Give them a small calendar and challenge them to schedule in time with the Lord and with other believing women in order to stay strong.

6. Stationary
If your ministry from the Word includes an epistle (which is really a letter) why not give women a small packet of stationary? Encourage your ladies to help one another through faith-building letters to one another.

7. Highlighter pens
You have prayed and God has given you (through your speaker) words from His Word that will fill your women with courage and hope. These words deserve to be underlined and highlighted as God’s battle cry to their weary souls.

These are just a few suggestions. Many of the religious gift ideas mentioned here can be purchased at The Printery House where gifts are created with great care. Visit them online soon and see what gift ideas you come up with.

Getting Your Family Organized in 2014 All Starts With the Right Calendar From an Online Christian Gift Shop


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2014 Desk Calendar Wall Calendar Combo Pack

If there is someone on your Christmas list and you can’t decide what to give them – a 2014 calendar makes a great gift. In fact, when you pick up a calendar for someone else, grab a couple for your own home as well. Calendars are the perfect tool for bringing chaotic schedules back under control.

Think about it. Bobby has a music recital. Susie has a sports banquet. Tim has a church event while mom and dad promised to deliver packages to needy families – with all that is going on it is easy for a home to feel like Grand Central Station. Just one person’s schedule can feel stressful at this time of year, scheduling for multiple people sometimes feels like overwhelming!

You can find lovely calendars at a Christian gift shop and The Printery House has some beautiful choices. They come in all sizes and with artwork to appeal to every kind of taste. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of the calendar to get your family organized in 2014.

1. Ask your children for papers from school, church, clubs and sports teams any time they come home from those events. You still won’t get every piece of communication, but you will get more than if you didn’t ask. Put that information (about parent meetings, games, and other events) onto a wall calendar where everyone in the family can see. Do this as soon as possible. Calendars on the refrigerator or next to the door where you leave are typically high-visibility locations.

2. Get everyone into the habit of checking the calendar at the start of the day.

3. Keep a smaller calendar on your desk or in your purse so that you can update on the go. Be sure to sync the two calendars each day.

4. Always write in pencil. Things happen and events get moved. Sometimes, the dental appointment must be cancelled. If you have several children, use a different color pencil for each kid. That way it is easy for them to see if they have anything going on each day.

5. If you write down the address, contact phone number and any special instructions on the calendar, the pile of excess papers that grows on the kitchen counter can be leveled.

6. If you waited too long to buy an Advent calendar this year – don’t make the same mistake next year. Buy your next year’s Advent calendar now. Advent calendars make a terrific gift for other families too.

If your home is in a bit of chaos at the moment, don’t assume that January’s arrival will resolve the issue. Picking out some family organization is just a click away. The Printery House is an online Christian gift shop and they have wall calendars and desk calendars all ready for the New Year. Desk calendars are trim and durable and lie flat on your workspace. One side is graced with artwork and a weekly calendar is on the other. Matching 2014 wall calendars have room for all your notes. And their selection of Advent calendars is hard to beat. Check them out today and be ready when the New Year rolls around.

Merry Christmas From The Printery House


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Willow Tree 15-Piece Nativity Set

For the past 60 years, we at The Printery House have had the pleasure of creating cards that help you share your faith, lift up and encourage friends and loved ones, and help you celebrate life’s milestones along the way.

Today on Christmas Eve we sincerely thank you for that opportunity, and we look forward to a wonderful year ahead in 2014. Today, more than ever, a handwritten message means so much – and it’s a privilege to be part of this endeavor nationally and internationally.

We celebrate and honor our wonderful team, our print shop staff, our artists, writers and the monks and employees who labor for The Printery House daily. But mostly we celebrate and honor you, our audience who shares your ideas with us and proudly purchases our cards and products.

You’re the reason our work isn’t just a product line – but that our work remains a true ministry to thousands each year across seasons of joy, struggles, hopes and accomplishments, new beginnings, seasons of grief and renewal, new friendships and countless other occasions.

At the heart of our work is to honor the Father himself, whose great love and hope surrounds us. In the sharing of His word and through His inspiration, it’s a true blessing to know that together we are all touching and changing lives daily in mailboxes around the world. To Him be the Glory and the credit.

Wherever this moment brings you today, may the Peace of Christ surround you and fill you, and may you know His “peace that passes understanding.” May the reality of the Father coming near in the humble form of a baby fill you with new hope for 2014.

Blessings to you and yours from all of the team at The Printery House and thank you again for coming alongside us in this mission.


Put Yourself in Nazareth: Religious Gifts to Give You a New View of the Miracle


Christmas Cards 3

Miracle of Christmas Card

Picturing yourself in the daily life and happenings surrounding Jesus’ birth paints an undeniably moving picture, full of new insights and glimpses of the great intentional love the Father declared in that moment.

Stopping to do this now, during the season of Advent, can create an even more real connection to the truth of the moment – beyond the events that may fill your calendar and all the errands you have on your list.

How can you stop and remind yourself of the miraculousness of the moment of Christ’s birth? One book that continues to gain national acclaim is “The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem,” by Adam Hamilton. Hamilton describes a hustle and bustle around the villages just before Jesus’ birth that may resemble our own activity today as we visit local shops, browse online for religious gifts and make many other preparations.

What you may not know is that the town of Nazareth was one of lowly social status, and as Hamilton describes, would have been a one-stoplight town without access to stores, fast Internet or any other amenities we think of today if the story had happened now. It would have been a town of maybe 100 to 400 people and not one that received any limelight. The town itself was formed around a water spring, which is still present and actively flowing today. Since spring water, says Hamilton, came up from the earth and was constantly moving it was called “living water” by many during the bible days.

How amazing that the King of Kings would be from a humble town of working people, and not a flashy city of wealth. Even more amazing, Hamilton reminds us that Jesus may have been thinking about the living spring of water at Nazareth when he urged others to take a drink from the water where they would “never thirst again.”

Remember the town of Nazareth this year with religious gifts of hope for your family and others. The Printery House, an apostolic work of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, offers stunning Christmas cards depicting the humbleness and humanness of the birth, as well as several gift items. Try the new set of photo ornaments to celebrate and remember this amazing moment.

Another book by Max Lucado, “God Came Near,” invites us to truly focus on the creativity of God and how His hand touches everything all around us, starting with the birth of Christ. The online description of the book helps us draw closer to the humanity of Jesus: “Have you seen the real Jesus – a working man with dirty fingernails and sweaty brow? The helpless baby, born in a dirty stable, and totally dependent upon his teenaged mother? Travel back in time and relive Christ the Son of God becoming man as God Came Near.”

The opening pages of “God Came Near” remind us that the night the Savior was born, few would have noticed or commented about an exhausted young couple who couldn’t find a room at the inn. The next morning, the village would be teeming with activity – shopkeepers and workers tending to their business as usual, not having the slightest clue of what had happened just hours before. Not having a clue that the Light of the World came near in the flesh and lay sleeping just yards away. This year, take notice of the Light of the World with religious gifts like a beautiful Advent candle wreath or candle holder.

Let Advent and Christmas remind you of the miracle of the Birth, and everything else will fall into place. You can find special religious gifts and cards to keep Him at the center from The Printery House, nearing their 60 year of designing and making cards on-site with a team of monks and artists.