Want More Christ in Christmas? Christian Products Answer the Challenge

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The Real Life Nativity Complete Set

There are some who put their Christmas tree up and decorated the first week of November. Maybe they’ve planned out how to avoid the commercialism and keep the Savior at the center. (Maybe). If you’re like most of us – still making preparations – and you want to help your family enjoy a meaningful Christmas, you have so many more options than having your tree up early and your shopping done in July.

It’s true that time is a precious commodity during the holidays, but unless you have a plan for what to do with that time, it can still wind up feeling like every other Christmas past. So here are some suggestions for keeping each day meaningful even when you are pulling out batch number 11 of sugar cookies.

1. Place a nativity at the center of every room.
You can help to keep Jesus at the center by literally putting Him in the center. Place a nativity set in the center of the dining table. It will be so much easier to talk about Him at mealtimes when the figures are right in front of your eyes. You can put a nativity set on the living room coffee table, on the mantle and on the table in the entryway too.

2. Practice Advent.
There are so many wonderful Christian products to help you celebrate Advent with your family. Advent wreaths may be placed on the table. Advent calendars can be hung on the walls. Advent devotionals can be read at mealtimes, in front of the fireplace or even at bedtimes. There are some with stickers for younger children and some with windows and daily bible readings for older children. Teens might enjoy reading from the bible as the candles on the advent wreath are lit. The point of each is to help you celebrate Christmas in its biblical context.

3. Go to an area church service on Christmas Eve. (Or, stay in).
Many churches offer Christmas Eve services, others do not. Going to a Christmas Eve service is a tradition in many families because there’s something about being out in the winter night and singing to the Savior like the angels did that makes it extra special. For others, it’s a special time to stay in with family and have a simple, quiet candle-lit devotional of your own. However you choose, honoring the story of the Holy birth on Christmas Eve can be a tradition you look forward to year after year.

4. Read Christmas-themed books with your children.
Many stores have sections devoted to Christian products and books. You can find books written to every age and reading level surrounding the Christmas story – from Seek and Find books to chapter books. Share the books and mugs of hot chocolate snuggled together all through the Christmas season, if even for 15 minutes each night.

5. Teach your kids the symbolism in Christmas.
Talk with children about why angels are often put on the top of the tree and why evergreen trees are used and why lights are everywhere at Christmas. Tell them the story of the candy cane and how the Magi gave the very first Christmas gifts. The season is loaded with symbolism, so don’t miss the richness.

If you are looking for Christian products to help you make this Christmas more meaningful, we suggest you visit The Printery House where you’ll find everything from sacred tree ornaments to advent devotionals to nativity sets. Visit today and enjoy each day of the season in all its glory.