How to Honor a Hero with a Thank You Note this Christmas Season

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Going to the mailbox is so exciting at Christmas time. You are never quite sure who you will be hearing from at this time of year. You may get a card from a current neighbor or one from a friend from years ago. You’re sure to get one from your insurance agent. It’s the one time during the year that greeting cards outnumber the stack of catalogs and bills.

But for some Americans there are no anticipatory walks to the mailbox. For some, the Christmas season is a time to feel far from home. Our military men and women deployed around the globe will be spending this season in a strange country away from the people they love and the country they serve.

Wouldn’t it be great if all service members in uniform received cards full of Christmas love and brotherly encouragement? Wouldn’t you like to share some of your Christmas joy with a soldier? You can. The American Red Cross launched a program starting in 2006 called Holiday Mail for Heroes with that very idea in mind. Since that time, the Red Cross has helped to put over 6 million Christmas cards into the hands of men and women in uniform.

By helping to staff hospitals here at home and near the places of conflict, the Red Cross meets the real needs of real heroes on a daily basis. And at Christmastime they make it easy for you and me to do the same. This year’s Christmas card campaign is called Give Something That Means Something.

What means something to a soldier serving abroad is a word of thanks during an especially difficult time. Your Thank You card disguised as a Christmas card could help make the difference to a lonely soldier.

Here are some suggestions from the Red Cross:

1. Address your card to a “service member”

2. Write a personal note inside and be sure to sign your name.

3. If you write out several cards, don’t put them into individual envelopes. Instead, place the stack of cards without envelopes into a single, oversized envelope.

4. Stay away from glitter.

5. Do not include care packages, gifts or money with the cards.

6. Get your friends to send some cards too.
When you’re ready to send your card(s) send them in a flat rate box to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

And if you’re looking for Christmas cards that celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, check out The Printery House where the monks of Conception Abbey offer a wide selection of Christmas cards where Jesus and His coming stay front and center.


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