6 Steps to Starting a Bible Study With Your Co-Workers

Little Rock Catholic Bible Study

The New Year is here – full of new opportunities. If you have had it in mind to start a small group bible study at your office, the start of a new calendar year is a great time to finally put some feet to those desires. Often the only thing that keeps a bible study group from forming is the absence of a person willing to lead it. And for many, the thing that keeps them from being willing to lead is a lack of confidence about how to do the job. If that sounds like you, take a look at the six simple steps it takes to lead a bible study with your co-workers.

1. Prayer
Before attempting to do anything for God, spend some time alone with Him in prayer. Talk to Him about why you want the study and what you are hoping would come out of such a group. Pray over who should be invited and how they should be invited.

2. Find the right tools
Inertia is the biggest obstacle to getting a bible study group off the ground. You don’t take steps, because you don’t know what to do. Thankfully, others have gone ahead of you to help you. There are organized bible studies like Stonecroft, Navigators, Biblical Business Training and others who provide helpful tools that take the guesswork out of leading a bible study.

3. Find the people
You may have a good idea of who you’d like to invite from your office to your study, but be sure to pray about it too. You could be quite surprised by who is interested in being part of the group. You don’t know until you ask, maybe it needs to be an open invitation to the entire office staff. And if people say “no” – don’t worry, they just may ask to join in later on.

4. Find a time and place
Once you’ve decided on materials, you need to choose when and where to meet. Find a place where there won’t be constant interruptions and people can share comfortably. Will your group meet before work? At lunch? Every week or once or twice per month?

5. Be faithful
This is important. Start on time and end on time. Don’t put off your first group meeting in order to get more joiners and don’t wait to start your study until everyone shows up. Be faithful to the outlines you set for the study. Adhering to the schedule develops trust.

6. Be in touch
Not everyone will be able to make it to every meeting, so send out a one or two sentence recap of what gets covered during study times. You want this recap to be enough to keep everyone in the loop but not so detailed that it removes the incentive for attending your group! This is a good time to remind group members about prayer requests and any other special information.

Another great help for leading is a personal study bible. Check out The Printery House where you can pick up a copy of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible. Make 2014 a year where good intentions become reality.