Behind the Scenes at The Printery House: Rural Missouri Video Footage

Video 1In a quote from Francis of Assisi lies rich inspiration for the religious greeting cards created by The Printery House: “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.

When it comes to sharing faith, peace, hope and encouragement in written form, The Printery House has been perfecting the process for 60 years. Cards are still made on-site in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri, as they have been since the beginning of the apostolic work of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, and now you can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look that was recently made available in video format.

In December 2013, Rural Missouri magazine visited The Printery House at Conception Abbey, Missouri, and captured excellent video footage to complement a feature story in the December issue. Camera work of the production process shows you glimpses of how the work is done, which in many ways, has remained refreshingly similar to its beginnings six decades ago.

The Printery House cards are made on-site, in the USA, with hand-lettering and artwork from the monks and artists themselves. New designs are prepared throughout the year, and many buyers return for classic favorites that have become part of their traditions for special events. The time, attention and dedication that goes into every card makes these a true stand-out among religious greeting cards nationwide, as well as globally.

In the recent Rural Missouri video, you’ll see gorgeous images of the grounds of Conception Abbey and a view of the work inside The Printery House that makes each card part of a much larger ministry. Father Adam Ryan, operating manager at The Printery House, explains that the cards provide messages to share with others across all ages.

How is a Printery House card made?

A card starts with an idea in the mind of the creative director, who sends the idea to one or more artists. The message is refined by writers at the same time, and then moves through an in-house review and critique of the card. Next it moves to production – and this includes the paper, format, and special features.

The Printery House cards are printed on both traditional and digital presses. After printing, they are cut, embossed, and sent to a special room just for creasing and folding the cards. The fulfillment department completes the order, which is mailed in classic format via the U.S. Postal Service.

It’s not just about the process; Father Ryan notes there’s a real bond and a physical connection between the sender and the receiver of a card. The tagline “Send something you believe in” captures the faith and belief of the The Printery House team toward their products, and also the mission of the cards themselves. He says the monks and staff at The Printery House “hope that in opening a card, anyone will know their value in the eyes of God and feel loved, cared for and have a sense of purpose and mission that they too can spread the same peace and encouragement to others.”

You’re invited to take a moment today to view in video format the story of this card-creating legacy, and share the mission with others in your life. View the Rural Missouri footage here.