Four Ideas for Ministry Appreciation or Any Day

Ministry Appreciation 1
In Appreciation of Your Ministry

October is the official month for Pastor Appreciation. While it is great to have a month set apart to honor these servants of the Lord; priests, pastors, Sunday school teachers and youth leaders should be aware of our appreciation throughout the year. Hebrews 13:17 tells believers to follow spiritual leaders in such a way that they can fulfill their role with joy. And 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 tells Christians to respect and esteem their leaders in love. How do you show them you appreciate their service throughout the year? Here are a just a few ways to express your gratefulness toward those who minister the gospel in your life:

1. Speak about leadership with respect
At home, at work or out in public always speak of your leaders with honor and respect. Be wise in conversation and do not allow others to speak disrespectfully of leaders in your presence either. Find positive things to say about leadership. Let those around you hear your words of ministry appreciation.

2. Communicate with leaders about your ministry
Don’t bring every minor problem to your pastor or priest, but do talk with them about your area of service in the church in order to keep them informed. If you are teaching a class – or working in the nursery – invite your pastor or priest to attend one time. If you are not currently serving in any way, make an appointment with him and ask how you can be of help.

3. Speak your thanks directly
Look for opportunities to tell your leaders thank you. Tell them in person and send them thank you notes. Let them know how their ministry is affecting your life. Invite your ministers to your home for a meal or give them a gift card so they can take their wife out to dinner. Send small tokens of appreciation along with a note when a sermon or act of service touched you in a special way. Encourage people around you to do the same.

4. Spend time in prayer on behalf of your minister or priest
Prayer is the best gift you can give. Pray for those in authority within the church. Pray for them collectively as well as individually. Pray for them to have regular time alone with God. Pray for the richness of their devotional life. Pray for them to be growing in wisdom and understanding so that their work in the church will be a natural outflow of the fullness of the Holy Spirit in their own heart.

These are simple steps anyone can take to demonstrate ministry appreciation. If you are looking for religious thank you cards or gift ideas to bless your spiritual leaders, check out The Printery House website. At The Printery House, cards are made with loving care by the monks of Conception Abby.