Month: February 2014

Recovering the Lost Art of a Handwritten Thanks: Send an Inspirational Thank You Card

Thank You Cards 10
Thank You for Watching Over Me

How many handwritten thank you cards have you received recently? Probably not many. A personally penned note has become something of a rarity these days. But as we all know, the more rare a thing is, the more value it contains.

Lost along the way

It’s hard to say exactly when the practice of writing cards and letters began to fade. No doubt it has something to do with the rise of electronic communication. The United States Postal Service conducts an annual survey that offers a peek into this decline.

Back in 1987 Americans received a handwritten piece of correspondence about once every two weeks. By 2010 the rate had dropped to just one note every seven weeks. At the same time, young adults today exchange around 88 text messages each day. Phone calls are down. Letter writing is down. There is a degree of personal connection that has been lost somewhere along the way.

Why recover it?

If digital communication is the natural evolution of correspondence, why bother to recover the handwritten note? There are a couple of reasons why, in fact. First ask yourself how you feel when you find a personal letter in your mailbox. If you’re honest, you feel a bit more elated than you do when you receive a nice text message or email.

That is because a handwritten note represents more of an investment. The person who sent you that card or letter spent some time composing their thoughts and then bothered to write them out. They spent the time and money needed to purchase a piece of stationary and a stamp. And after all of that – they made a walk to the mail drop. Handwritten letters are worth more because they are rare and because they require more investment. They are also worth recovering because of the good they do for the sender.

People who take the time to write down their “thanks” – or even verbalize them – enjoy a number of physical and psychological benefits from doing so. Things like better sleep and a greater degree of life satisfaction have been linked to the practice of expressing gratitude. Recovering this habit is good for everyone.

Why an inspirational thank you card?

If you use a Christian notecard then there will be some sort of inspirational thought or design to amplify your own message. Often religiously-themed cards will offer words of scripture which have power in themselves to lift another’s spirits. This can encourage someone in a deeper way with beautiful words of faith.

It is not too late to recover the quickly fading art of writing words of thanks. An inspirational thank you card makes a not-so-difficult task, even easier. Visit the online Christian gift store The Printery House to find the cards that will help you communicate a positive and uplifting word.

A Christian Birthday Card, Special Traditions and a Day of Magical Moments for Your Child’s Birthday

Birthday Cards 4
May His Light Shine

No matter how many children you have, you want each one to feel uniquely loved and appreciated. Parents look for ways to communicate this kind of individual affection 365 days a year, but birthdays are custom-made for making a child feel special.

While there are plenty of over-the-top suggestions for making your child’s birthday a one-of-a-kind event, the truth is that making someone feel celebrated doesn’t have to cost much at all. Here are just a few ideas for making your child’s next birthday a day of special honor and recognition.

1. Your child was born, however many years ago, at a precise time. Make note of the hour each year on their special day. Words like “10a.m. on this day so many years ago we welcomed Bobby into our family!” or something similar will make your child feel valuable.

2. Start the day with the Happy Birthday song.

3. Have something special on their breakfast plate. You could serve their milk or juice in a fancy glass. You could prepare their favorite breakfast food. Wrap a tiny box and inside place a strip of paper granting your special privileges for the day such as not making their bed or choosing the evening’s entertainment.

4. Decorations make the day stand apart. Confetti on the table, a handmade birthday banner over the door, crepe paper and balloons adorning the official Birthday Chair are all inexpensive ways to create an atmosphere of celebration.

5. Walk down memory lane with baby books and scrapbooks.

6. If their birthday falls on a school day, send along some treats in honor of the day. You can also place a special birthday note in their lunch box.

7. Allow the birthday child to choose what is for dinner. This could be a favorite dinner at home or dinner at their favorite pizza or burger joint.

8. Let them pick out their own birthday dessert too. Maybe they want a traditional white cake with frosting, but maybe they’d like ice cream sundaes or birthday brownies.

9. Make a time capsule on each birthday. This is as easy as taking a picture of your child and placing it in a manila envelope along with their birthday cards and a piece of news from that day.

You want your child to feel precious to you. But birthdays are also a great time to remind your child that they are also precious to Christ. Giving them a Christian birthday card is just one way to communicate that truth. When they open their time capsules in years to come, they will have years of Jesus’ love and your love to witness.

If you are looking for a Christian birthday card go ahead and check out the line of cards offered at The Printery House. Whether your child is six or 16, you’ll be sure to find one that suits the occasion. It can be just one small part of a day full of magical moments.

Showing Someone You Care When They Are Sick Starts With Shopping Cards Online

Get Well Soon Cards 1
Hope You’re Feeling Better

It’s no fun to be ill. Even lounging in bed loses its appeal when the reason is because you are sick. On the other hand, when someone else is sick, it’s a great opportunity to show some love and support and make an actual difference in another person’s day. So here are just a few ideas on how to come alongside a person who is ill in a comforting and encouraging way.

  • Just pick up the phone. Although the sick person won’t be up for a long telephone visit, a cheerful phone call can be like having a friend stop by – only easier. Don’t keep the ill person on the line too long, but do let them know that they are in your thoughts. It’s nice to ask them if they would like you to pray for them. If they say “yes”, then offer a quick and heartfelt prayer right then over the phone.
  • Sending a get well or encouragement card is always right. In your card you can wish the person a speedy recovery. You can encourage them with words from the Bible, a written prayer or just a few words expressing your love and support. Shopping cards online ahead of time means that you will have a ready supply on hand and you can write that note the moment you think of it.
  • Take over a meal, a pie or a casserole. Chicken soup may be the proverbial remedy for all that ails a body, but there really is something about home-made food that says “I love you” and “I care”. The sick person may not be able to eat a lot, but if there are others in the house, they will appreciate your kindness. Everyone welcomes a little home-cooking, especially when it’s delivered right to your doorstep!
  • Mail them a therapy box. A therapy box could include magazines, crossword puzzles, Sudoku or word searches. Put in some soothing music, a box of tissues and some tea. You might like to add a DVD for them to watch. It could be a light-hearted movie or even a comedy – after all, If you don’t have a DVD, just print out some jokes or send links to your favorite funny person’s online performance. Include a card of encouragement and to brighten their day.
  • If the illness is a protracted one, it can be nice to decorate the sickroom. Print out pictures of beautiful places and relaxing scenes. You could put these in frames or simply mount them on construction paper. Put up several pictures with a theme such as ocean, mountains, farmland, gardens etc. Put favorite scriptures and encouraging sayings up also.

Apart from picking up the phone, the easiest way to show your concern is to send a card. Shopping cards online is as easy as clicking your mouse. When you are shopping cards online be sure to check out what’s available at The Printery House where you’ll find a variety of religious-themed cards perfect for any situation.

Religious Jewelry: You Can Express Your Faith and Show Your Style

Jewelry 3
Monogram of Christ Cross

You might think that religious jewelry looks all the same or that design choices are not good. But if you do, you’d be wrong. Your faith is a serious matter, but how you express that faith doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. It is possible to express your faith and at the same time show that you possess a personal sense of style. Faith and fashion can go together and finding ways for them to do so gives you a chance to show the world part of what makes you uniquely YOU.

Take the cross pendant as an example. Most girls grew up wearing a single cross pendant on a single gold or silver chain – and that is still an attractive style. But it is far from the only way to wear the ubiquitous symbol of Christianity. Here are a few ways to mix things up a little.

1. The possibilities are charming
Bracelets are enjoying a current wave of popularity right now. Big and chunky is in. That means that you can hang your cross from any of your existing bracelets to give them a whole new look. Or, you could add your pendant to a charm bracelet. If you don’t already own a charm bracelet, now might be a good time to pick one up – especially since you won’t need to pay for a charm since ou have one hanging on your cross necklace!

2. No one can wear just one
The days of wearing just one chain around your neck are long gone. Today, women are wearing multiple chains of varying length all at once, with all kinds of pendants. In fact, half the fun is changing the pendants according to your mood or fashion of the day. Religious jewelry isn’t stuffy – it’s as unique as your own sense of style.

3. Drop it a line
Give your cross pendant a new place to live. Silver and gold chains are great –especially as mentioned above, in layers – but they aren’t the only place to dangle your cross. Colored leather cords are also fun. Wearing it short and tight as a choker is a little funky and ensures that no one will miss seeing it. Wearing it longer and swaying says you are relaxed but definitely grounded. How you wear your cross can be different every day.

4. The more the merrier
It isn’t only fun to wear several chains – it’s also fun to wear several cross pendants at once, on a single chain or several. Wearing multiple crosses is interesting. People will want to take a closer look. If you like, you could hang a couple of crosses along with a saint’s medal or a religious pin. Mixing heart pendants and crosses is another terrific way to express your faith through religious jewelry.

Don’t assume that you can only enjoy wearing your cross on Sunday mornings in a demure sort of way. Your faith is who you are. Find ways to let that shine through. The
Printery House
invites you to take a look at the wide selection of crosses and other religious jewelry they have to offer. Choose one style or several and say something personal about your faith today.