A Christian Birthday Card, Special Traditions and a Day of Magical Moments for Your Child’s Birthday

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May His Light Shine

No matter how many children you have, you want each one to feel uniquely loved and appreciated. Parents look for ways to communicate this kind of individual affection 365 days a year, but birthdays are custom-made for making a child feel special.

While there are plenty of over-the-top suggestions for making your child’s birthday a one-of-a-kind event, the truth is that making someone feel celebrated doesn’t have to cost much at all. Here are just a few ideas for making your child’s next birthday a day of special honor and recognition.

1. Your child was born, however many years ago, at a precise time. Make note of the hour each year on their special day. Words like “10a.m. on this day so many years ago we welcomed Bobby into our family!” or something similar will make your child feel valuable.

2. Start the day with the Happy Birthday song.

3. Have something special on their breakfast plate. You could serve their milk or juice in a fancy glass. You could prepare their favorite breakfast food. Wrap a tiny box and inside place a strip of paper granting your special privileges for the day such as not making their bed or choosing the evening’s entertainment.

4. Decorations make the day stand apart. Confetti on the table, a handmade birthday banner over the door, crepe paper and balloons adorning the official Birthday Chair are all inexpensive ways to create an atmosphere of celebration.

5. Walk down memory lane with baby books and scrapbooks.

6. If their birthday falls on a school day, send along some treats in honor of the day. You can also place a special birthday note in their lunch box.

7. Allow the birthday child to choose what is for dinner. This could be a favorite dinner at home or dinner at their favorite pizza or burger joint.

8. Let them pick out their own birthday dessert too. Maybe they want a traditional white cake with frosting, but maybe they’d like ice cream sundaes or birthday brownies.

9. Make a time capsule on each birthday. This is as easy as taking a picture of your child and placing it in a manila envelope along with their birthday cards and a piece of news from that day.

You want your child to feel precious to you. But birthdays are also a great time to remind your child that they are also precious to Christ. Giving them a Christian birthday card is just one way to communicate that truth. When they open their time capsules in years to come, they will have years of Jesus’ love and your love to witness.

If you are looking for a Christian birthday card go ahead and check out the line of cards offered at The Printery House. Whether your child is six or 16, you’ll be sure to find one that suits the occasion. It can be just one small part of a day full of magical moments.