Five Great Reasons to Shop Cards Online

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From Christmas cards to birthday cards to get well cards – more buyers are deciding to shop cards online. They are doing the same with gifts, clothing, leisure equipment – just about anything and everything is now being purchased on computers or mobile devices.

A November 2013 survey found that the overwhelming majority of shoppers had moved away from Black Friday in-store purchasing and toward Cyber Monday online shopping instead. The findings, from a survey of 1,000 shoppers, said they enjoy shopping for goods online more than traditional shopping excursions. Over 80 percent of them said that doing their holiday shopping online provided a superior experience. And here’s why:

1. No traffic

A significant 60 percent of those polled said that they preferred to shop online because it meant that they didn’t have to fight traffic. The hassles of traffic combined with the frustration of finding a parking spot was a big deterrent to visiting physical stores. Avoiding that hassle was one of the biggest attractions for Internet shopping.

2. No pressure, no pushing, shoving or waiting in line

Once you do arrive at the store, there are other drawbacks to in-store shopping. A separate survey of people who shop for outdoor and recreational goods found that 45 percent appreciated the no-pressure online environment. Pushy salespeople, unpleasant crowds and waiting in line were all mentioned as things to be avoided.

3. Convenience

Another 51 percent said that the convenience of online shopping had won them over. The ability to browse through merchandise while curled up on the couch is a major draw. Most said they enjoyed the fact that they didn’t have to leave home to buy what they really wanted.

4. Good deals on shipping

Right around 40 percent were won over by free shipping offers. Good deals on shipping sweeten an already sweet deal.

5. Buy what I want – when I want

Immediacy was another reason given for choosing online shopping. We’ve all had the experience of suddenly remembering Aunt Sally’s birthday or the wedding to which we’re invited next weekend. Being able to shop cards online and buy right at the moment was appealing to nearly one quarter of survey respondents.

Of course, the advantages of Internet shopping don’t go away once January rolls around. You can enjoy the benefits all year long. Our “doors” are open 12 months every year and we invite new customers to try us out and discover for themselves the pleasure of shopping from home. The Printery House is a convenient, online Christian gift store. When you need Christian gifts or greeting cards we suggest that you make your first stop online. Find out for yourself why it’s so much nicer to shop cards online.


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  1. Marie Greaney,BVM Avatar
    Marie Greaney,BVM

    I would like a catalogue if possible. Is your catalogue posted on line? Tjank you.

    1. Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B. Avatar
      Bro. David Wilding, O.S. B.

      Sr. Greaney,

      Please click this link and fill in the information to request a catalog:

      Thank you!