Give the Gift of an Angel With Special Christian Figurines

In the Bible, when angels appear on the scene eyewitnesses usually respond with fear and trembling. But what the Bible has to say about the work of angels changes how we perceive them on this side of history. The Bible says that angels have been given several earthly duties, but that for the believer, those duties are for our good and our protection.

Consider Psalm 34:7 “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.” Or Luke 15:10 “…there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” And Hebrews 1:14 also reveals angels as helpers for Christians. Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

The Bible tells of angels sent to set prisoners free, to give good news, to sing over God’s work and to protect God’s children from harm. Small wonder then that angels have captivated our imaginations and show up in centuries of our artwork. So when you are wondering what gift to give someone in your life – why not a Christian figurine of an angel? Angel figurines come in a variety of styles, so there is one certain to suit your taste.

Christmas Angels

Willow Angel 2
Bright Star Angel

The most popular angel figurines are Christmas-themed. Christmas angels sit atop many trees and hang suspended above most nativity scenes. But there are many free-standing angel figurines for Christmas and they look terrific anywhere in your home. Angel statuettes blend scriptural truth and ethereal beauty that makes your holiday decorating an opportunity to affirm faith.

Willow Tree Angels

Christian figurines of angels extend far beyond the Christmas season. Many artists have created the bulk of their work around depictions of angels. The Willow Tree line of angels is just one example. Willow Tree is a collection of angel figurines suitable for many occasions. These angels are posed in everyday scenes to remind us that angels are constant guardians to the Christian. The simple wood-hewn appearance of each angel, in parchment white gowns, makes them easy to add to any décor. Their delicate metal wings create a folk-art charm with universal appeal.

Jim Shore Angels

Noahs Ark Angel 1
Jim Shore Noahs Ark Angel

For the person with more vivid tastes, artist Jim Shore has created a line of angels which incorporate scripture and artistic expression. Mr. Shore’s Noah’s Ark Angel, for example, wears a bright patchwork gown which opens to reveal a host of animals leaving the Ark two by two while a dove with an olive leaf sits perched atop her wings.

One reason angel figurines can be so fun to give as gifts is that many of them are collectible. The Willow Tree and Jim Shore angels are just two examples of collectible figurines. These angels make wonderful birthday presents, Christmas gifts, get well surprises or just because offerings.

Perch your angels on display shelves, bookshelves, mantelpieces, or on a nightstand. They are lovely to look at and inherently comforting. So the next time you are looking for a unique gift, give the gift of an angel. Take a few minutes today and check out the great selection of angels offered by The Printery House Christian gift store.