Showing Someone You Care When They Are Sick Starts With Shopping Cards Online

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Hope You’re Feeling Better

It’s no fun to be ill. Even lounging in bed loses its appeal when the reason is because you are sick. On the other hand, when someone else is sick, it’s a great opportunity to show some love and support and make an actual difference in another person’s day. So here are just a few ideas on how to come alongside a person who is ill in a comforting and encouraging way.

  • Just pick up the phone. Although the sick person won’t be up for a long telephone visit, a cheerful phone call can be like having a friend stop by – only easier. Don’t keep the ill person on the line too long, but do let them know that they are in your thoughts. It’s nice to ask them if they would like you to pray for them. If they say “yes”, then offer a quick and heartfelt prayer right then over the phone.
  • Sending a get well or encouragement card is always right. In your card you can wish the person a speedy recovery. You can encourage them with words from the Bible, a written prayer or just a few words expressing your love and support. Shopping cards online ahead of time means that you will have a ready supply on hand and you can write that note the moment you think of it.
  • Take over a meal, a pie or a casserole. Chicken soup may be the proverbial remedy for all that ails a body, but there really is something about home-made food that says “I love you” and “I care”. The sick person may not be able to eat a lot, but if there are others in the house, they will appreciate your kindness. Everyone welcomes a little home-cooking, especially when it’s delivered right to your doorstep!
  • Mail them a therapy box. A therapy box could include magazines, crossword puzzles, Sudoku or word searches. Put in some soothing music, a box of tissues and some tea. You might like to add a DVD for them to watch. It could be a light-hearted movie or even a comedy – after all, If you don’t have a DVD, just print out some jokes or send links to your favorite funny person’s online performance. Include a card of encouragement and to brighten their day.
  • If the illness is a protracted one, it can be nice to decorate the sickroom. Print out pictures of beautiful places and relaxing scenes. You could put these in frames or simply mount them on construction paper. Put up several pictures with a theme such as ocean, mountains, farmland, gardens etc. Put favorite scriptures and encouraging sayings up also.

Apart from picking up the phone, the easiest way to show your concern is to send a card. Shopping cards online is as easy as clicking your mouse. When you are shopping cards online be sure to check out what’s available at The Printery House where you’ll find a variety of religious-themed cards perfect for any situation.