Christian Products That Say Luck O’ the Irish, and Also Send Blessings From Heaven

Can you share both the Luck O’ the Irish, and your faith this St. Patrick’s Day? Absolutely. The holiday can mean so much more than corned beef, parades and green trinkets, without losing the fun.

St. Patricks Day Card 1
Best Wishes on Saint Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day season, surprise friends, coworkers and family members with unexpected cards or Christian products that remind them of the beauty of faith. Historically, St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious feast to honor the patron saint of Ireland. He is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland, and authored the Confession, an autobiography, and the Epistola, which brought to light poor treatment toward Irish Christians by the British.

Here are a few simple ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and Send a Little Blessing to Someone You Love:

1. Send a pair of hearty mugs. Show the man (or woman) in your life that you’ll drink to their Irish blessings with a fun mug or two. Not only does it remind them of their Irish heritage, it’ll bring a smile as they remember you as the giver – and you can pair it with a beautiful and inspiring card from The Printery House.

2. Send a blessing plaque guests will stop and smile at. The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity, and was used by St. Patrick to help explain the concept to pagan people. You don’t have to display this classic Irish symbol only at St. Patrick ’s Day; enjoy it all year by giving an Irish blessing wall plaque. The Printery House, an apostolic work of the monks and employees at Conception Abbey, offers a classic Irish wall plaque with a slightly whimsical touch.

3. Stay cozy and snake-free with a unique Irish throw blanket. St. Patrick is also said to have removed the snakes from Ireland, but the reality is that this is probably more of a metaphor for driving away pagan faith than a geographic fact. As the Ice Age came to an end, the island of Ireland was distanced enough from the other parts of the continent that snakes were hard-pressed to establish a population. Instead, it’s believed that many who worshipped pagan gods often used images of the snake or serpent, and with his baptism of several pagan leaders in “holy wells,” St. Patrick may have symbolically driven away the snakes. Surround yourself with the truths around St. Patrick’s Day throughout the year with a comfy Irish cross tapestry throw.

4. Why not send a card this year for St. Patrick’s Day that’s so pretty it’ll be worthy of a frame? Try this intricate Irish design, with both an Irish blessing and a scripture verse. It’s the perfect card to pair with great Irish-inspired Christian products.

Get your Irish fix this year with Christian products and amazing Irish cards from our monks and team members of the The Printery House. Sending one of these gifts is also a great “hello spring” surprise for a friend, a church member or a priest – so don’t worry if you miss the actual St. Patrick’s Day on your calendar. Send it anyway!