Simple Ways to Share First Communion Catholic Preparations With Your Child

First Communion Gift 3
First Communion Keepsake Box

How can you help your child realize what the First Communion Catholic process means? Present it in a way that makes sense to a child’s point of view. Be open to questions, and repeated questions. Share your joy about the process and what it means to you. Keep talking throughout the months of preparation.

Here are some insights into helping your kids grasp the meaning of First Communion:

1. Relate the connection we have to Jesus through communion to the friendships kids have with their peers. Since kids are familiar with being a friend and keeping up with friends, explain that communion means they can be a friend of Jesus, too, throughout their whole lives. Explain how special it is to have Jesus as a friend and share stories of what this looked like among the disciples.

2. Talk about how you mark important events with special celebrations. Tell them that First Communion is the best kind of party they’ll have, because it means they’ll be honoring and remembering that Jesus came to earth, lived, died and was raised again for us – what could be more of a cause for celebration than that?

3. Connect first communion Catholic traditions with eating and food. Talk about how Jesus gave up his body for us, and through his Spirit, taking the bread and wine means we can take Him into ourselves. We gain strength and are satisfied through Him – similar to how other types of food give us energy and strength. Talk about scriptures related to Jesus being the Bread of Life.

4. Share a special gift to help a child remember, think about and consider First Communion throughout the year. The Printery House, a Benedictine monastery in northwest Missouri, offers several unique gifts for children such as jewelry, keepsake boxes and wall crosses. As you share this gift with your child, share a special moment, photo or keepsake from your own First Communion to connect your experiences together as a family.

However you choose to help your child understand the significance of First Communion Catholic preparations, keep it simple and return to the conversation on different occasions. Pray for God to give you the right words for your specific child, and cherish every moment of the journey!

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